Serbia v USA | Quarter Finals Full Game | #FIBAU17 2022 -

Serbia v USA | Quarter Finals Full Game | #FIBAU17 2022

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Watch the Quarter-Finals game between Serbia and USA at the FIBA U17 Basketball World Cup 2022. #fibau17

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  1. the commentators esp the female appears to be not an expert…FIBA should get expert commentators…WHO SPEAK FLUENT ENGLISH…the guy is ok though

  2. Incredible how Americans dominate basketball, I think that nobody dominates this sport like America

  3. US used their athleticism to overpower Serbia. Serbia should have slowed the game down and stopped trying to match their intensity. USA youth basketball is more focused on athleticism, Kick out threes and intense defense.

  4. When USA bring their best players this is the result. These kids are future NBA prospects.

  5. Serbia talking shit while losing the game lol

  6. I didn't know that u-17 world cup even exist…I learned something new now..

  7. 話說美國15號怎麼跟吉祥物一樣啊😂😂

  8. Not surprising for American they are a dream team for nothing 😎😎😎💪

  9. 46:37
    46:42 5번 수비 지시
    46:43 4번 1번 수비 스위치(맨 스위치)/5번 위치 조정-> 4번 수비 스위치
    46:47 미국(상대) 1,2번 컷 -> 따라가준 뒤 스위치 움직임(1, 2번)
    46:52 4번위치 수비 커버 -> 박스

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