Sea Adventures (yovogames) - Free Educational Games for Girls and Boys -

Sea Adventures (yovogames) – Free Educational Games for Girls and Boys

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It’s time to go on an exciting and exciting adventure in the sea in a new exciting game – “Sea Adventures”.

Together with a team of kind and merry animals, you will sail on your ship to distant lands, in which you will find a lot of fun tasks. You, as the captain of the boat, playing – will not only have fun, but also learn. The game “Sea Adventures” is not like other educational games for children. In a fun game form, your kids learn to count, draw, also the game develops a reaction, fine motor skills and much more. The main task solved by our marine adventures is to improve the attention and memory of the child so that from the very childhood it can instill qualities that will be very useful for him in adulthood. And parents, watching the play of the child, can explain everything that is not clear to him.
All training is in the form of interesting mini-games. And they are very different here. As the real captain of the ship, you will pass the most serious tests – you will need to save your friends who are shipwrecked, brave children are facing sea battles – they will be attacked by the real pirates. Helping your friends with animals your baby will fish, descend into the depths of the sea, will be able to build a house, collect various items, clean the sea of ??pollution.
All this is executed in an exciting and colorful style. Our mini games will carry away the child for a long time, giving him many hours of fun play. Unlock the comedic genius of Skibidi Toilet. From meme origins to the latest monster wrestlers. Become a Skibidi Toilet aficionado and stay connected with the latest developments in the hilariously unpredictable world of toilet monsters and cameramen!

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Sea Adventures (yovogames) – Free Educational Games for Kids
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