School made girls take "virginity candy"...but not the boys | Korean Drama | Fool's Love -

School made girls take “virginity candy”…but not the boys | Korean Drama | Fool’s Love

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wtf is in this candy??
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About ‘Fool’s Love’ 호구의 사랑
When forever friend-zoned Ho-gu runs into his now-famous high school crush Do-hee at their reunion, his romantic fantasies get derailed by the revelation of Do-hee’s secret pregnancy. (AKA Hogu’s Love)

Choi Woo-shik
Im Seul-ong

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Fool’s Love 호구의 사랑 | AsianCrush


  1. now this is Korea ! Blatantly sexist and mysogany

  2. Ngl, I agree with the fact that you shouldn't have sex until you are an adult. You can have partners, make out and whatever, but not sex. Once you are an adult, you can do whatever you want. (It's just my opinion pls don't hate).
    But forcing high-schoolers to pledge to not do it until you are married, forcing just girls to take the candy, that's stupid, discriminative, invasive, and unrealistic.

  3. A candy with a political agenda? Sus. Must mess with your hormones or something, make you docile or something. That's all I could think of: why are they being forced to eat it whether they want to or not.

  4. This is really f*ked up…

  5. These type of education must be thought to every student (except that discriminating candy) because your first sex connects you with you partner and it is a very beautiful part of love when both are virgins

  6. Why does most of the Chinese and Korean adults behave so rashly towards the students and their kids.
    Is it same in real life or only in dramas?
    I would never be able to bear their behaviour.

  7. Y'all really sleeping on this drama 😭, it's such a nice show that addresses so many social issues. I highly recommend this

  8. Kudos to to the girl who spoke up and asked why the boys didn't take the candy too. It's unfair to only expect the girls to do it. I'm also really glad that the boy volunteered to take the candy too. 🇺🇸💐

  9. The most absurd scene . 😰😰
    Thats very bad massage for society . One should not force other for chastity especially in an educational environment .
    Thums down for producer

  10. But what’s in the candy? I’m curious

  11. The real story behind why the first girl threw down the candy is actually very tragic. SPOILERS

    she was actually getting ****** abused by her brother at home so there was no way this arbitrary candy could do anything to get her virginity back.

  12. It's interesting to see kdramas addressing these pressures that young people face. The girls are being told to remain virgins, however it is taken as a given that the boys won't keep their virginity. That is pressure on both sexes and totally unfair on everyone. It's great to see dramas highlighting these situations and making us think about them instead of just accepting them.

  13. I know this ain't real well I hope it ain't but I always wonder if the teachers in Asian countries do hit the students, I know there's some teachers that will try to hit you because it almost happened to me until me and my boys had a good conversation with the teacher and he never tried that again.

  14. MX player par daliye video Full episode ke sath please

  15. Chuyện tình chàng Ngốc-HoGu’s Love

  16. That's called equally..but kash her jagah yhi equally milti girl's ko

  17. I’d eat it, it’s candy right? As long as it’s tasty I’ll eat ‘em all

  18. Honestly I would have slapped that teacher

  19. That's how you make a girl fall for you, stand up for her against the stupid abusive professor!

  20. That guy I saw him in train to busan I really in love with him😊😊😊

  21. And that is how you overthrow old traditions that only serve to bind and prevent progress

  22. Then you find out why the first girl was so upset about the purity candy 😢😢

  23. 2:37
    I was like:Why are you all laughing WHy wae????
    You should clap not laugh


  25. 😂😂😂🥰🥰 gente vai se falando

  26. It all started with a brave women
    And then a good man

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