Royalehigh Vintage Outfits for Boys -

Royalehigh Vintage Outfits for Boys

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As requested , Here you Guys! Enjoy 🙂





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  1. How do I get that body in royale high, I have the body tipe on my avatar but I'm really short when I play unless I pick the boy body?
    Edit: Lmao boots, I'm such a dummy

  2. Hi I need help I have the winter Guardian heels but how do I change it to the male version i don’t have the toggle option and I have my thing set to masculine too

  3. This is why i am subscribed to you ya have talent!

  4. how do you put winter Gaudian shoes on without bottom of torso changes

  5. Creo que ya se de donde saca los outfits Kevin .-.

  6. This outfits are amazing I just don't have the shoes the guitar and the beret but I use my own accessories and they look really nice!

  7. how did you get the boots to be masculine with that package

  8. hey,when I put on your avatar and I put on the guardian boots, my body bugs, how do you do it so that it doesn't bug you?


  10. How can I transform a corset to a boy's corset? I changed my gender and body and it still won't let me

  11. Yooo is anyone having problems with the male body in royal high?

  12. Anyone I need help, when I join Royale high with boy outfit and wear the winter guardian boots, it's only the girl version, I tried everything to make it look like the boy version, but it's not working, please anyone help me 😭

  13. Okay but how did you manage to make the robloxian 2.0 body type like that?

  14. am i the only one having trouble with wg boots like IT WONT TURN TO MALE ONES BRU

  15. I understand but at the same time i don't. How does no eyes or no face make you attractive and the thing i understand is the boy faces are too small

  16. The only problem is my diamonds and that winter Guardian set boots went offsale so I might save for uncoming sets or find smth

  17. I love your outfits!
    But how do you do your body ^^

  18. What glasses are those at 4:00? And where can i get them? Its so pretty 😭

  19. How on earth can you equip a different body type but the WG boots will still look like that

  20. When u don't have any of this stuff but u try

  21. Tysm for the ideas i would gladly use this for my "Boy Trolling" Xd

  22. シ꧁][†•DR_CARNAGE•†][꧂シ says:

    save my bro i just came to say i'm wearing shoes and they don't show up for me what do i do?

  23. This inspired me to buy wg boots and I don't regret it

  24. Im a girl but i really love this ideas im def gonna try it out.

  25. I finally found some outfits my brother could have in royale high-

  26. Nice style, now I'm definitely gonna subscribe

  27. All the outfits r amazing and the old school animatiom makes it better 🤧

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