Robot Huggy ATTACKS! - Project Playtime w/The Boys... again -

Robot Huggy ATTACKS! – Project Playtime w/The Boys… again

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Huggy Wuggy with no shell on?

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  1. I love how last ep she also went on the train lmao

  2. the fact that they went up the toy box so fast is impossible

  3. Her asking “so now we are serius” the boys “yeah we always had” her 2 minuts later killing Them all was so fun

  4. I thought bonus was very funny and entertaining to watch. Please get him to be in some more videos please!

  5. Poor Josh then Gabby lhafhing her hart oute haha 😂

  6. I watched this video and took a shit at the same time

  7. I literally watched this video so many times 😭

  8. you never said why she was loose you know what im saying

  9. Hi Edd I love watching your videos they are super cool I love puppy playtime I haven't even played it yet but I will I haven't even played it for yet Soon I play if I have a phon In project playtime Poppy playtime Poppy playtime chapter 2Project playtime Even back rooms real blocks I love all the games they are super fun If you wanna play poppy playtime or bocce boo come down below and edd Video Thank you very much That's not it YouTube is also the best watch YouTube also I am a fan also of YouTube Shout out to poppy playtime Of the makers Who built the game as much They also have much more for Have some for money to Coffee don't have any money Whenever you do ask your parents they have money or they probably don't Thank you thank you😁😁😁

  10. edd So funny you have friends they are funny sometimes people can have deep voices or little voices it doesn't matter who you are be who you are stay who you are If you have friends you are good if you wanna make friends you are good be nice to everyone thank you very very much You're welcome

  11. Edd Videos made me laugh all the time and videos are great shout out to him He is pretty awesome

  12. Shout out to garden Ban Ban Play videos are so awesome it's like the game looks real I love garden Ban Ban His games are new and then they also have do stuff in there they can change toys They got the pillow Bird They got jumbo josh They got everything they just got to make new upgrades it's super cool and I may agree because if you wanna make upgrades people will be happy because you make upgrades and it's super cool but they will be super confusing because you Upgraded😁😁😁 I hope you enjoy The video You can watch it at your home or anything I hope you enjoy watching Thank you😌😌

  13. Shout out to Cory kitchen he most wanted to funny guys Also shut out2X box 3Is the most 1 in Game you just have to buy it so Game you just have to buy it so if you wanna buy the Xbox You can also order it if you want to so shut out to Xbox Shut up to your boy coryxkenshin too he's lit😎😎

  14. Shout out edd Friends they also have videos to so if you wanna celebrate go and watch edd Friends videos you will enjoy it I hope you enjoy your video

  15. Mommy long legs is crazy And boxy boo and huggy waggy and kissy missy they are all crazy What the heck😂😂But if you wanna see kissy missy who would like kissy missy😏😏What the Frick

  16. Mully – "Where are you guys?"
    Gabby – "WoUlDn'T yOu LiKe To KnOw."

  17. I love the Mexican love music playing when gabby and eddie were together

  18. i know no one cares but me and my toxic friend just got into a fight and i saw this vid and it made my day and made me feel better yall r funny you guys made my day 😂

  19. We need more of these videos they are so amazing and funny😂

  20. Next time they play this Josh needs to be the monster


  22. gabby: I just need you to touch me

    Eddie: what the f$$K gabby

  23. The bendy jump scare effect was at the beginning ngl

  24. Lol this will be a perfect idea for Mullys bday take him to a aquarium and let him touch a octopus 🐙😂

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