Roblox Emo Outfit Ideas for Boys and Girls! ¦ Meepcity ¦ PvrpleKitPlayz -

Roblox Emo Outfit Ideas for Boys and Girls! ¦ Meepcity ¦ PvrpleKitPlayz

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Hi what’s up guys this is the vid for today!
This was really fun to make XD!

So in this video I shared some Emo Styled Outfits in Roblox Meepcity and I hope I did it right XD in my opinion it looks good but I hope you guys like it too! You can use or copy any of these you can even change some of it or get ideas from it I hope this helps 🙂 Come to think of it in making an Emo Outfit it’s basically searching for black items coz I used and searched up a lot of items in black and yeah 🙂 I hope this helps and I hope you like it pls enjoy the vid!

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  1. wow your idea is so Amazing! make more to be in Awesome!

  2. They laugh at me cus im emooo 😅😭😭😭

  3. This helped me so much

    Insert Dancing Cat

  4. Gwen Fariishta Alexandra Sundah 1703108 says:

    Gracias im gling to try itt!

  5. Please can u make purple and black outfits for boy and girls please BC purple is my fav colour

  6. Hiii! Can you tell me what's the problem; when I change my skin, my character always disappears:(

  7. Thank you SO MUCH now i can finally be a emo

  8. Omg thanks im so glad you help me thanksssssssssssss

  9. Los cuernitos no los consigo 🙁 como se llama para buscarlos

  10. Omg, tysm i've been looking for this like 10 hours a ago and thank you so much 😭😭😭

  11. Anyways I can see your rp name it says "I'm a little sus"

  12. so far, this is your most viewed/popular vid

  13. Can U please make A vid How to make that Body .. Cuz my Cousin Was struggling And ty for the Ocs!!

  14. Can u do a tutorial of how to be big like that with the man body? I rlly need help

  15. Heyy can u make a tutorial on how to get the body bc I really want the body. It’s really confusing for me😭😭

  16. My Brother says OMg TYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY THANKSSSSSsssssssssss

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