robbing $124 from a free to play game -

robbing $124 from a free to play game

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Geuce (Green):
Clu (Red):
Stretchy (Blue):
Grouse (Yellow):
Badda (Burgundy):
Heavenly (Light Pink):
Herboku (Grey):
Skullker (Dark Pink):
Mickey (Purple):
Jackal (Teal):
Pasta (Blue):
Bing (Flesh Color):
Eekaj (Orange):
Digi (Turquoise):
Dustin (Army Green):
Bees (Gold):
Booger (Brown):
Kublikong (Sand):


Basically everything is from the royalty free music library epidemic sound.


  1. POV: watches Badger
    ads play
    is opera gx
    watches Badger advertise opera gx

  2. Hey badger, I know you most likely won't see this, but have you ever considered of collabing with a vtuber? It'd be like seeing doomslayer and Isabella from animal crossing playing together. I think it could be fun

  3. The USS Lobsterminator also has a custom horn.

  4. uss lobsterparty would have sounded way better

  5. can u use the BADGER cide on WOWS Legends?

  6. Me putting headphones on in max volume after saying it may be to loud for a few people i lost 1000 braincells and some how still alive

  7. 25:09 this is why women don’t understand how fun our lives get when playing games with the boys 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Capitalism is mostly unarmed robbery but it is most fun when it is armed

  9. man, Badger really hurting for assets after being defeated by Shylily

  10. I use to play this game soo MUCH I would love to come back to it!!

  11. i will get the u.s.s lobsterfest boat

  12. I need you on helldivers 2 badger 🙏

  13. Bro what is up with you and not knowing your friends are black? LUL XD

  14. I would sell that ship too. It is gabage ship. It never existed or never a paper ship. Don't know why it is in the game in the first place. That ship should have never been put in the game the way it is. And the Yukon debacle was the start of the downfall to this game between the playbase and the devs. Neither listen to each other because the devs stop listening to the playbase. Why should the player base listen when the other side isn't listening.

  15. Plays wows for a week, instantly hates cvs and subs. Checks out

  16. Would've been funnier if he went with. "Turbo illegal".

  17. Ok, I may play World of Warships if its just RussianBadger telling me who to destroy next and when I am not paying attention.

  18. mans couldnt come up with something better than "lobsternator" or "craw daddy?" i can come up with something better than craw daddy, observe:
    "krill issue"
    your honor i rest my case (i am very high as of this comment)

  19. old school runescape has a "free to play" mode that has allowed me to tank their entire f*cking economy

  20. The Yamato = worlds best artificial coral reef

  21. I have tried multiple times now and it just says "this code has been redeemed by someone else"😢😮‍💨😔🤥

  22. I came for the warships, i stayed for the sprite memes.

  23. I've gotten really good at drifting around torpedoes over the past 10 years

  24. First time watching this channel, I quite blown-away with these 3D rendering it give so much personality to video.

  25. I wanna hear what the mans gotta say about palworld lol

  26. Not having a phone for almost three weeks and I finally open youtube to see a new video made me one happy mother fucker.

  27. The Cacodemon saying “bro what?” was funny as shit!😂

  28. i like how you can tell its mocapped because of that very specific idle sway badger does

  29. you wouldn't even KNOW the gamer gaming this game in a game.

  30. I had to keep rewinding this video from laughing so hard😂😂😂😂

  31. I relate way too much to Badger not knowing his friend was Black, bro we are in the age of the internet in discord spending hours of our time making jokes that can put us in a watchlist. Skin color is the least important thing that can come up in our conversations

  32. I can already see the Helldivers 2 Video happening

  33. Damn dawg, how much Warships pay you for a half hour ad?

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