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RAiNBOW GHOSTS 3 – new BABY ORANGE ghost!! Adley & Dad Save Mom then Escape the Purple Portal House

A for Adley – Learning & Fun
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Navey and Niko on a Portal House RESCUE MiSSiON!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! Its time to save mom! Do you guys remember what happened last time on Rainbow Ghosts? We accidentally left the door to the portal house open and Olive and Koopa walked in without us knowing! Me, Dad, and Mom went in after to rescue them!! After we got all the keys to save the dogs we tried to escape but we were totally surrounded! Mom got and idea and used herself to distract the rainbow ghosts while Me and Dad escaped with the dogs! So now its time for us to go back and find mom! I REALLY hope nothing bad happened to her! When we got back into the portal house we stuffed a pillow inside the door so the rainbow ghosts can’t lock us inside! We started to look for mom but we couldn’t find her, we only saw Blue, Green, and Pink! We didn’t know this then, but purple was upstairs guarding mom, making sure she didn’t leave the couch! Whenever mom touched the carpet he would get mad, so mom was a genius and used the pillows on the couch to not touch the floor while she escaped! Me and Dad were still downstairs looking but we decided that we should go upstairs to look, but first we had to distract blue!! There were marshmallows taped to the ceiling, so I climbed on dad’s shoulders and we grabbed a bunch to distract blue while we went upstairs! But just as we were about to go up, the power went out.. and the lights turned all purple! We started to go upstairs and we found mom!! We were SOO happy that she was safe! Now, we just had to get the power back on so we could use the portal to get out! Dad had to go through an obstacle course to get the the power box with mom while I guarded them! But while they were doing that puzzle rainbow ghosts snuck up behind me!! By the time mom and dad got the lights back on.. I was gone! They couldn’t find me anywhere, but they worked together to find clues about where I was! They made there way downstairs and found me on the couch with Green, Pink, and Blue guarding me! They had no idea how to rescue me with so many ghosts around, but just then Niko and Navey ran though the portal! They had an A for Adley mat that they used to trap the rainbow ghosts while we all escaped!! But just as we were about to leave, 2 NEW RAiNBOW GHOSTS showed up… it was Yellow, and Orange! Orange was really small, he looked kind of like a baby rainbow ghost! But then dad grabbed us and rain though the portal back to out house

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  1. Hi i'm Brooklyn. I love your vidios and and I wish I could be in them.I don't have any merch but I wish I could.I played all if your games.

  2. I have my own YouTube account and it’s called maryshwiger

  3. This is Lala I am on my mom iPad I love when Adley and the little ghost high five I think the little ghost are going to go in the potlal

  4. 😂❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I’m sorry I couldn’t be a show because I’m not in a state that you’re not and I can’t be there😢 I love you

  5. Make raibow Ghost videos l love it l love the Ghost Orange

  6. Where has that orange 🌈 gosh come from

  7. It is my birthday 🎂 I'm Ariella I'm favour s daughter

  8. Can you please make a part 6 & 7

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  10. I really want you to do a part 4 Addely I’m really really interested

  11. Jenny now you now not to mess with Rainbow ghost’s.ADLEY IS THE BEST!!!

  12. I love your videos so so much and what is your number so I can call you from Zenolia Porter ❤

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  14. You are my favorite YouTuber. I love you I always watch your videos.

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  16. I already want a part four Adley is so A W E S O M E awesome awesome awesome is Adley ❤

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  18. And by the way, that’s yellows son or daughter

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  27. our WHOLE FAMiLY inside the Portal House 🔮
    where did that ORANGE RAiNBOW GHOST come from?? 😳


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