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The new Vikendi update has highlighted a problem that Bob has been talking about for a while. One that means drive-by’s from cars or bikes are not as impressive as they look…

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  1. it's nice to watch a streamer that actually just has a genuine good time playing the game and doesn't let anything get to them; easy-going, takes nuthn too seriously…–its refreshing–-big-ups hollywood & friends!

  2. The only guns that should have bullet drop in the mix is gonna be mainly pistols-and why tf does shotguns kill ppl with armor 40 ft away

  3. Not a fan of the new map! And certainly not a fan of the cheats on this game now! I'm close to deleting it!

  4. I seen why you don't favor realism in this game.

  5. The moment a round is fired gravity begins acting on that round what goes up must come down the drop irl might be drastic or progressive depending on the round powder; wind, barometric pressure, air density, altitude etc. the physics in game are ‘wrong’ they just aren’t realistic because a truly realistic bullet drop physics wouldn’t be very fun cause you wouldn’t be alive very long

  6. The skill required for drive-by's would go through the roof, and people would for the most part stop even trying them.

  7. considering the speed of a bullet, shooting from a car is pretty accurate to real life, idk why is different from the lift

  8. I remember in mobile there was a system for grenades thrown from vehicles. I think it also applied to bullets. They were advertising it and poop, but sooner or later it wasn't working anymore and I was thinking it's probably going the way of glass and casings.

    Anyway, maybe the system is there but broken for some reason.

  9. Drive byes used to be super tough. They made it easy back in mid 2019 or something…prob mostly for esports

  10. I play game in 60 old year why ? I run for money for family problems 😣🥺

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