Providence vs. South Dakota State - First Round NCAA tournament extended highlights -

Providence vs. South Dakota State – First Round NCAA tournament extended highlights

March Madness
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Providence survived a late comeback attempt from South Dakota State to win in the first round of the 2022 NCAA tournament. Watch the extended highlights from the Friars’ victory here.

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  1. As a Friar fan I was nervous going into this game. Holding a team that averages well over 80 pts a game to 57 is a huge accomplishment. SDSU scored less than 70 only once all season, 67 at Missouri St. Little respect for the Friars defeating a 30 win team on a 21 game win streak because they were “only” a 13 seed. This had upset written all over it.

  2. South Dakota did a good job of staying within striking distance with the friars, but Providence did a great job of weathering whatever storm the Jackrabbits were throwing at them, and now they survived and advance

  3. Good job providence, sorry I underestimated you

  4. That late 3 point foul was the worst call I’ve ever seen

  5. Providence will face the winner of Richmond-Iowa on Saturday in the second round

  6. Is that brad nessler on commentary I miss when he use to do nba games back in the day!

  7. All the clowns who thought providence was gonna loose clearly didn't learn their lesson after Santa Barbara-Crieghton last year💀

  8. Kiss&Tell as advertise the jack rabbits as really very good team
    In spit of 1 round lost boy.
    I just couldn't believe the high
    Level of exciting physical play
    Posted by both teams really,
    Congratulations Providence!
    Rick Pitino old school.

  9. Good win for the Friars! Second win since 1997 tho.

  10. Providence is really good and disciplined. They ran their offense and never faltered when South Dakota state made a run .

  11. … and another thumbnail spoiler photo. You are 6/6! Woo-woo.


  13. Does David Wingett still play for SDSU does anyone know? Or is he injured? Jus asking thanks

  14. Vegas The Sports Fan Almighty- Sweet 16 bound! says:

    Go Friars!!! Man I love this team!!!

  15. GO FRIARS! We're a FRIAR FAMILY! All 7 of us! Yay!

  16. Solid win for PC. It was nice to have Al Durham back and fully healthy for the first time in a while. Now it's time to take down Richmond.

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