Playing a spooky game with the boys -

Playing a spooky game with the boys

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In Silence is my favorite Non-Horror Horror Game of all time. Happy Halloween. Enjoy the one spooky game I play this year on this channel.
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  1. 3:22 I love the way he just turned the corner after saying what he was saying.

  2. Smii7y: I hate horror games
    Also him: enjoying tf out of the game

  3. I always love coming back and watching his horror videos

  4. once i heard "you know what that means" i was waiting for fish but it's halloween and not fish😭

  5. should play this game again but with the npc monster on the other map

  6. 5:22 i laughed too much at that 14:02 had me dead i would be the worst person in a horror movie i would laugh at too much stuff

  7. Watching someone who equally dislikes horror makes it more bearable lollll… and also the fact that the horror is just your buddy trying to kill you rather than a computer monster

  8. one time i showed this to my mum and when it caught her she almost broke the pc

  9. have a nice death play it (isnt horror but a good game) (non-coop)

  10. if the ending from john being thrown off to the catching puffer doesnt end up animated at some point imma be sad

  11. nah but i also hate but love horror games when im alone im so scared to even interact with something since it could be a trap or so but its so fun i just have to play them once in a while

  12. i don't like watching horror movies or playing horror games either. unless there's comedy in it. just keep finding more and more in common

  13. I hate anything scary I’m probly more scared than you are and I’m not playing

  14. I’m not a big fan of horror either like whenever I get scared I just want to burn everything to the ground

  15. When Smii7y said you know what thats means i thought he will say "FISH"

  16. Bro smii7y is so underrated he should have over 20 million subs

  17. I know I'm late but but there's a Kermit horror game you need to try

  18. Kryoz's "where are you, just be honest with me" is the most creapy thing he did 💀✨✨

  19. smii7y you should try playing phasmophobia

  20. Would to see SMii7Y and a couple of the boys played Demonologists this Halloween

  21. When the game was about to start i cracked so hard i almost choke on my saliva

  22. I really hope Smii7y plays this this year again its so funny😂

  23. I want to know what puffer was yelling at near the end of the video

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