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ouija board sleepovers with the boys (bad)

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why their mums so mean tho 🙁

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  1. When Josh does the squeaky voice crying thing I lose my mind every time 🤣🤣🤣

  2. They all should really do this challenge seriously

  3. That Nikocdo and Mully pic got me dying lol

  4. Half of my brain cells died after seeing Mully and Nikocado on the Ouija board

  5. I love ur vids smashing plz make more phasmophobia vids with you ,mully,reekid,and everyone

  6. first 2 seconds I'm in the video and its already cooked

  7. Anyone else say "Smashing" along with the intro or have I just watched too many vids?

  8. How did you find a Ouija board inside your A VR house.

  9. Was that a crawler from bo1 zombies in the title? I think it looks exactly the part anyways.

  10. Mully“ Smashing it’s not your bed time yet….. we still need to make tik toks!!

  11. I like the smashing brush way more greets from Austria

  12. Only sex if you win monopoly
    I ran over your dog
    FFS mully 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. my last brain cell died when Josh deafened us at the end

  14. Mully and josh are boys…and smashing a girl!Amazing!
    And can we say that smashing is the best YouTuber!

  15. Smashing!! Who's your editor.. editor needs love too!!!

  16. Why are you not on the boys thing you should be on it not saying the boys sick you should just be with them

  17. I would've asked the ghost if it gonna kill me

  18. I love your funny dumb video and I mean that as a compliment

  19. The ending is the most bootiful thing I’ve ever seen

  20. Josh's body legit dabed when he died the first time

  21. how are there 23 dislikes this is the perfect channel

  22. Out of gabbie kristi and smashing. Smashing is my favorite girl in the group.

  23. Smashing is always the girl and it’s sad because he always gets sexually harassed by mully 😆

  24. In the intro after smashing got killed my shirt glare though the screen. So it was like the character on my shirt did it…

  25. “How many seconds should I cook my 2-minute noodles for?”-Smashing🤣🤣🤣💀

  26. “Scrabbles? He deserves to die with a name like that” -Josh

  27. The fact that you can drink alcohol at 21 but you can summon the devil at 8!?WHY!?!!?!?!??

  28. When smashing said, that's air tight, that had me ded

  29. Did you know that I’m the 200th comment?

    This was in all ways.. HILARIOUS 🤣, I am dying.
    That’s all have a good morning/day/night! 😊 😌

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