Suzy Snacktime
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  1. she looks like one of those animatronics from five nights of Freddy bruh 😂😱😰 but she looks friendly than them

  2. Jit tryin to rizz a good damn robot 💀💀💀💀

  3. She ain't trapping a child in there, i'm going to make the child.

  4. Can I eat you no but I can give you a lollipop 😂

  5. Y'all get no bitches if you think that THING is hot

  6. It's an close disaster did you know that Elizabeth died because of an animatronic

  7. "Call me william afton cuz im boutta grab the kid and stuff him inside a animatronic😈"-a maniac
    Also im a girl 😎

  8. It's like circus baby and Elizabeth Afton😮

  9. It would be cool if you said only the fans understands I dunno cuz it rhymes ☕🗿

  10. Yo that's a 3 year old little girl inside that thing!?

  11. In the game he’s gonna be friends with the bot and you can hop inside of it. They’re copying five nights at Freddy’s security breach.😅😅😅

  12. Think I might save this oh no not for thaaat for um something else 😅😅

  13. When not only the animatronics get quirky at night

  14. "call me omnipotent, because I'm going erase everything😁"

  15. Future balloon baby oh shi baby’s back-markiplier

  16. I will bang that animatronic

    Edit : OH WAIT NO-

  17. They call me purple guy because im about a child in that ani-

  18. Nah frick circus baby imma be in this girl

  19. I’m a boy and i don’t understand. Someone help me please before I go insane

    Edit: my volume is at 0 bc I’m at school so maybe there’s audio that will help me understand it

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