Only Boys Can Hear this Weird Sound...(Can You?) -

Only Boys Can Hear this Weird Sound…(Can You?)

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Only Boys Can Hear this Weird Sound…(Can You?)

Were you able to hear it? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. I'm a boy and I was thinking about the things are not in 3AM and what is the class I think I am not in for the unauthorized

  2. I'm a boy and I can't hear it So am I a girl

  3. I'm a female and fr I heard a alien sound effect

  4. Easy😮it is a weird alien sound I’m a girl btw

  5. They only said it so all the girls would want to listen loll and you all fell for it

  6. I’m trans / was born a girl transitioned into boy so will I hear this sound: answer: no cause I’m deaf 👁️🫦👁️

  7. bruh im a boy and i put the speaker up to my ear and i couldent hear it

  8. Common sense [something that most of us lack] says:

    I guess my birth certificate lied and I actually AM a female

  9. I can hear it and im a girl its sounds like an alien movie

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