One of these Game Boys contains no Nintendo Parts -

One of these Game Boys contains no Nintendo Parts

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FUNNYPLAYING recently made a PCB for the Game Boy Color. This FPGA chip allows you to build a modded Game Boy for super cheap, using ZERO original hardware.

GBC Buttons
GBC Membranes
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  1. Certification requirements, taxes, customs duty, etc. are all different between "parts" or kits and finished products, so I can understand why some companies go the "you have to put it together yourself" route…

  2. I must admit it looks absolutely perfect for people on a budget, so the majority of them. Also great when all genuine GBC boards inevitably dies. Otherwise, go full mods from a genuine board or prebuilt : the end result is much more satisfying if you're an enthusiast.

  3. What an amazing video! Was about to skip it :O

  4. Built mine before I saw this review. I have to agree on all points. Hopefully some of the frustrations are fixed in firmwares but overall I'm extremely happy with the results.

  5. I would love to make some chiptune music with it (coupled with an everdrive) instead of modding an original gameboy.. so I want to ask you: does your fpgc have an hiss in background when connected to head phones? How does it sound?

  6. If you want an even less expensive option, check out the GB BOY colour. Only plays gbc cartridges (+ the games built into the console), but has a color backlit screen. It also comes assembled.

  7. You put it together yourself so you can get the cheapest price. Sure someone else can do it for you, but it will cost more, and the entire purpose of this thing is so they can make GB's/GBC's cheaper than their competitors.

  8. Pretty sure it isn't sold as an assembled item because that's how you get around selling something that violates Nintendo's trademark or whatever.

  9. Can this play only gameboy cartridges without any alternatives?

  10. You should look into the funnyplaying GBA custom motherboard. Not entirely sure all its features but no one is talking about it. Itd be nice to know if its worth it

  11. Analogue has ALWAYS said no emulation because up until a few years ago, some jack asses on the net started claiming FPGAs are emulation..
    And that's a hill i'm willing to die on.
    Hardware isn't emulation.. emulation is strictly software that can be customized to run on different types of hardware.
    Some ass hats decided to change the rules and what not.. and screw things up..
    Anyhow.. i wish i could afford these devices they make.. but that would require FPGAs to go down in price..

  12. if I have to buy a GBC,screen, case, lenses, speaker, battery and charging circuit Im spending way more than this. Definitely a great option for holiday gifts as well!!

  13. That sonic shell is awesome! Where can I find it?

  14. If they sold the GBC complete Nintendo would sit on them until they passed out. Or DMCA them for selling a copy, one or the other. Selling spares is OK.

  15. One contains no nintendo parts? Kinda like how a transgender girl contains no lady parts. Just a mutilated version of his previous self. Real sad, but also kinda funny that some people are that dumb.

  16. My analouge pocket has ate saves. Destroyed them when loading. I love it but sometimes i am wary of using it.

  17. if only FPGA chips go cheaper, well I hope one they they will get affordable

  18. Man I want this thing but I did just finish doing an IPS mod of a beat up GBC. Maybe in a month or two I'll grab this thing for kicks. I love how clean this looks.

  19. Dope love the color and kit. The kids got so many options these days. Hate i all my gameboy shit few years ago.

  20. They prob avoid infringements by making you put it together. Dont know for sure but seems like it be a loop whole cus ur making repair parts not a clone tech.

  21. I'm back again to say thank you. I got one, assembled (had a bit of a difficult time connecting the battery as well), but it works great!
    I'm very happy!

  22. I'd love to see these internals stuffed in a GBP shell.

  23. Now all we need is a way to reproduce cartridges that behave exactly as the original ones, with certain improvements of course. For example it would be freakin' awesome to reproduce Pok矇mon cartridges that have access to the IR sensor, are able to trade, and don't rely on a battery to save. I would gradly pay for one of those and not for a beaten up used cartridge.

  24. The part that i loved most was when he turned on the gameboy and it started to morb all over the place

  25. $10 to 20 isn't enough of a premium to have one be assembled. The amount of time it would soak up to assemble a high volume would be insane for them.

  26. I'm just taking a wild guess, but it could be some kind of legality thing. The fact that you have to assemble it? You know how the Nintendo Ninjas are.

  27. I would like a GBA clone or something. Maybe sooner we have something similar for gba.

  28. Are those the Opal buttons from Lab Fifteen (formerly known as Jellybelly Customs)?

  29. although the pcb is around $80, all of the extra parts you need to buy from FunnyPlaying cost around $120 altogether

  30. To save money on assembly. To avoid lawsuits? Many reasons to sell in parts, also it makes trains new users who might be interested in buying customizable parts!

  31. One of the first standalone DS Flashcarts, the DS-Xtreme, also used an FPGA, but they never really went as far as they could with it, and even quickly gave up on maintaining later DS game compatibility. Side Note: It had Dancing LEDs on the top edge of the cart as a novelty. The LEDs would rapidly change colors in reaction to music being played on the built in MP3 player (though not useable in games).

  32. you didnt mention the hum/buzz which is constant on the speaker

  33. I just picked one up and put it together. I've held on to a copy of Resident Evil: Giaden that I picked up form a shady vendor in Coney Island back in the day. Works perfect and suprisingly the battery in the game still works. My save was still there 20+ years later.

  34. You assembly it so they don't need to hire people to assemble it

  35. FunnyPlaying needs to do this with a GBA and I'm, happy for life.

  36. Just a heads up, you're not supposed to use the middle screw hole on the motherboard. It can cause the case to crack over time

  37. I'd buy one right away for a GBA / GBA SP

  38. Ehmm.. What's the point of this if you already have the original hardware? Is it an open fpga with multiple cores?

  39. Are there any videos testing link cable 2 player games? My worry is that the different clock speeds between a GBC and FPGBC will create issues.

  40. I am so happy that people are finally learning that the analogue marketing of "no emulation" is a complete lie. The advantage of it being "accurate" is imprecise wording. the advantage is timing and parallel operations. able to be designed much easier and with hardware much cheaper than the power one would need if done in software emulation. Behaviour bugs are just as common as software emulation. timing edge cases is where FPGA shines. and just like software emulation, it's only as good as the programmer.

    I am so happy this thing came out just as I was thinking of getting a modded GBC. saved me a lot of money.

  41. just got to 12:06 it's 4.5 scale at full. I forgot which Youtube video I found that mentioned that though, but they painstakingly showed closeups with pixels they probably counted by hand.

  42. What they are sorely missing is changelogs for their firmware updates.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Funnyplaying didn't fix issues on their own if the community FPGA devs did. They do so much crosswork between MiSTer and Analogue already.

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