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*One of the RAREST Game Boys* – Recent Collecting June 2021

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Back at making regular content! For the month of June, I was able to track down one of the rarest Game Boy Advance SP systems, 10+ games, a system, some Pokémon items, and more! What did you collect recently? Get ready for a trip down memory lane with zx spectrum atic atac game online! With a vast collection of games from the 80s and 90s, you’ll be transported back to a simpler time. Whether you’re looking to relive your childhood or introduce a new generation to the magic of retro gaming, ZX Spectrum Games Online has something for everyone.

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  1. My pickups:
    Game Builder Garage
    Mario Golf Super Rush
    Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
    Donkey Kong County Reterns
    Mario Kart Wii
    Wii Play
    Almost a GameCube (Only Noticed it while checking out Wii Play)

  2. Loved the video! The etb you have is the normal version so unfortunately it's not the "error" one. The one that you are looking for is the one that specifically says "pokemon center" on it.

  3. I had that gameboy as a kid. It's my holy grail for collecting and I have been searching for one for years. I've never been this jealous of one of your pickups honestly 😅. I even have a photo of me as a kid with the box on my birthday

  4. Hey that’s not the error box. The error box is from Pokémon center. That one is the regular elite trainer box.

  5. As soon as I saw that gamecube I clicked so fast

  6. Some very nice pickups you showed off, although when I heard the prices for some of them, I couldn't help but cringe at them, namely the Gamecube adapter, granted it's a hard to find accessary, but sometimes you have to bear the price and just go with it, because sometimes you may not get another good opportunity. But still, you did get some good deals also, so it's not that bad. 🙂

  7. Really cool Pickups! I got SMB 1 / Duck Hunt, SMB 3 and 6 Amiibo's. Don't really collect for NES but I decided to get them as I want to get into collecting for that system!🤗

  8. That's not the error box for the Chilling Reign ETB. The error was the Pokemon Center Exclusive ETB. You have the normal ETB that can found in any store.

  9. Nice haul! I haven’t been getting as much vidya lately due to the insane prices, but I did get the Santa Destroy Bundle for No More Heroes from Limited Run Games, it’s an amazing collectors set and so far the games are great.

  10. I am glad you took a break~
    Welcome back and I am loving your content

  11. Oh! I Owned that Pokemon Video! Wow! With the Gameboy Advance SP! The 101 model with Yu-Gi-Oh Reshef of Destruction! Man! That brings back the Memories! And I gave that away! 😭😭😭

  12. Why in the world is every collectors new video coming out an hour ago

  13. I got a gbasp for 90$ but it wasnt ags 101. It was at a gamestore that had a 3ds, 2ds. Green DMG gameboy, and obviously gbasp

  14. Imagine finding out this guy is your long lost brother:

  15. Got pokemon Omega Ruby, a Pre-order for a switch oled (gonna probably start modding my old switch once I get that), Hades, Xenoblade X, and 2 wii remotes

  16. Don’t really have a lot of money to spend on collecting at the moment, but I did get skyward sword hd and the Zelda joy-cons.

  17. A. How do you afford this stuff?

    B.Where do you get it from?

  18. Awesome pickups. Glad my GBA Super Pak has a home where I know it will be taken good care of. She was a good console and saw a lot of Pokémon battles, that's for sure. I apologize that the Emerald pack wasn't included. We managed to sell off everything. Can't wait for your next video.

  19. When is the face reveal? I thought it was at 100k

  20. Comes with the club Nintendo insert?! What a find!

  21. Lucky that you got the Tatsunoko VS Capcom arcade fight stick for the Wii. I've never found any of those locally. I honestly want some arcade sticks not just for the Wii and Switch, but also the Sega Dreamcast.

  22. In july I have only found two/three things, since I have to be aware of my wallet, but just today actually I finally found a backwards compatible PS3, which can play PS2 games – and I also just got the steelbooks for Pokémon Sword and Shield (Yeah, Im waiting with getting the Switch and the games by just focusing on the collectibles surrounding my favorite videos). 🙂

  23. That fightstick has such a clean design, really sweet pickup! Do you have a favorite fighting game, lithium?

  24. in June I got 14 PS2 games, Silent hill 2 for Xbox and some dream cast games. and 1 GameCube game.

  25. This month I started sealed amiibo collecting with a bowser super smash brothers 4 amiibo

  26. I had two of those Tatsunoko vs Capcom fight sticks back when GameStop liquidated them for $35 brand new. Can’t believe I sold them both!

  27. Meanwhile in my locations: a pikachu card being sold by a mom for 600$

  28. I actually got that stick back in the day at a Gamestop. I came up to the counter with the game used, and the guy asked me if I wanted the stick too as he had one in the back. Came out with it, no joke for $12. I didn't pass and got that with it. This was a number of years back but I couldn't believe the price looking back. They practically wanted to give it away.

  29. Those are awesome additions to the collection!

  30. Wow, that Emerald Super Pak is awesome! Never even heard of it before, was that a Canadian release bundle? I would love to hear more about it, Emerald is my favorite game. I have a complete boxed copy of the game and would love to get the carrying case bundle some day.

  31. Some great items, love that Emerald Super Pak!

  32. Hey i was wondering if you know anything about this gamestop wii remote i have?

  33. That indigo Gamecube and Super Mario Sunshine combo was my first console. Christmas Eve, an uncle got it for me. My mom was super strict regarding video games and I had just assumed I was never going to have one. But they discussed it and I just remember the awe of having it

  34. 5:40 is that link from Skyward Sword? Looks like BOTW to me…

  35. That Elite Trainer BNox is the regular version. Only the one from the Pokemon Center had the error box. The back shows 10 pack on the PC version.

  36. I bought a pink gameboy pocket from Japan, a pink gameboy SP, and I also bought a pink ds lite this past month!!!

  37. For the Nintendo Switch, I got Mario Golf Super Rush, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD Joy-Cons (no amiibo), and Miitopia at retail, I got Game Builder Garage as a birthday gift, I got Sushi Striker on Switch for $5 on ebay, and I got The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker CIB, very good condition (dare I say, near mint), for $43 on Ebay, also for my birthday, I got Pikmin 3 Deluxe, Super Smash Bros. 64, Lego Mario Starter Course, Super Mario 64 DS CIB, Super Mario World, Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo Selects, no manual), and Plants vs. Zombies Battle for Neighborville Complete Edition.

  38. This Link isn't from skyward sword it's from BOTW

  39. never knew gameboys had bundles aside from the tetris. was hoping you'd show off that fight stick. tatsunoko vs capcom was a fantastic game

  40. imagine if he would put his money into a smart dividend yield of 8% a year…. he could get this collection 5 times in 10 years

  41. I actually haven’t really gotten the chance to add that much to my collection this year but this past month I added Mario and rabbids kingdom battle for switch, golf for game boy, arcade classics vol 4 defender and joust sealed in box (!) for game boy (should come in the mail later today), spider man 3 for Wii, 36 great holes on 32x, and hey you pikachu complete with microphone and box cartridge and manual all that stuff at a goodwill! Now I will hopefully snatch a couple more things for my collection in September!

  42. How do i get a real copy of Pokemon platinium? ( its my holy grail)

  43. Where is July, august, September, October, November and December?

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