Omni-Man VS Homelander (Invincible VS The Boys) | DEATH BATTLE! -

Omni-Man VS Homelander (Invincible VS The Boys) | DEATH BATTLE!

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The ultimate slugfest between two Superman wannabes! Who will win?
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  1. This seriously should’ve been omni-man vs Bardock think about it
    2 fathers to seemingly worthless sons that become the strongest beings in their universes
    2 ruthless warriors of a nearly extinct race who secretly care for their family
    2 fan favorite character who died protecting their sons

  2. I think it’s funny Omni Man gave Homelander advice during the battle

  3. This was the first time when i felt sorry for homelander

  4. Realistically, compared to Omni man, Homelanders powers are mediocre, Nolan is invincible to both lasers, and pretty much anything Homelander could do to him, altho supersonic sounds should screw him over if Homelander knew.

  5. Never kill peoples pets, they tend to not like it.

  6. I just binged these two series to appreciate this episode. Interesting that Amazon decided to roll with both considering their stories are so similar.

  7. My mom when i don't eat the food that she makes 16:01

  8. Even the android soldiers that fought Nolan would pulverize homelander into the ground.

  9. Well I mean, omniman would a literate the DCU version of supes (the one in the image) Superman in the Snyder cut was incapable of surviving the thing that whipped out earth, which I say is comparable to the energy from meteor that destroyed, which is roughly 100,000 gigatons of tnt, whilst Omniman could destroy a meteor the size of Texas, and destroying that would be equivalent to 30,000,000 gigatons of tnt. Over 300 times stronger than supe’s. Comic Superman would obliterate everyone, but going from the image omniman would win

  10. Seen gores fights but sheesh, Jesus Christ.

  11. Did homelander really manage to just throw only one shot on Omni man while the rest were just lasers

  12. I love how omni-man only killed homelander once he threatened Mark

  13. I remember the first time I saw that page where Omni-Man flew out of the atmosphere. Got me right in the feels.
    Any society that mustache-friendly can't be all that bad…

  14. The Google maps car casually making this fight 5 images

  15. “I’m not here for your country”

  16. Bro really pulled two famous scene together Omni man destroying a train with invincible and home lander destroying a plane

  17. When Omni man told homelander that he’d feed him his heart it wasn’t a threat or promise it was a statement of fact.

  18. pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis * says:

    hydrogen bomb vs coughing baby

  19. Even though I think Homelander is the better character there’s no denying that Omni Man’s strength and power absolutely dwarfs Homelander’s

  20. Top 5 favourite episodes of death battle tbh

  21. “Remember what I promised you…. Now swallow”

    Omni Man

  22. Where Homelander F’ed up
    Killing Debbie
    Threatening to Kill Mark
    Approaching Omniman in the first place

    Also, you knew it was over when he inhaled and calmly said he would feed you your own heart.

  23. “WE RUN ALL OF THE DATA WHAT WOULD HAPPEN * gets a video of them both fighting *

  24. Omni man also took away Homelanders only advantage.

  25. Homelander really is the type of guy to say "The suit stays on during sex"

  26. so what's Mark doing while this is happening?

    he's in for a shock when he gets home.

  27. Something I’ve learned from movies of you kill someone’s wife or dog you’ll not like the outcome

  28. i wish homelander did the scream in the actual tv show, that would've been such a fire warcry shout type of thing, shame they didn't do it, would've been badass

  29. Yo there’s a pattern between these death battles, whoever starts the fight is most likely the loser at the end.

  30. Debby, right before being murdered:

    "When my husband gets home, he'll feed you your own heart."

  31. Homelander would die by Superman.hope he do the same with Omni man cause neither of these so called heroes give a damn about the innocent people

  32. Holy 💩…. I mean… I was expecting Omni-man to win but damn… Was not expecting Omni-man to feed him his own heart… I love it tho! Amazing animation as well… Well done! 👍👍

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