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  1. I hate him he only copies ikrystin videos how lame🙄👆

  2. You’re the most kindest person I ever met every single other ones just like a scam and also I have one question is everything in your backpack for free

  3. idk why the people that do this type of videos, in the miniature put like- other things that they will not show in the video x,,,d like shirts with robux and hairs that isjust, sad 😉 but good video u3u

  4. This was for the ready player 2 event… it happened years ago and while it is still available which is good but that doesn’t make me feel any better that I fell for clickbait for old tester items

  5. when i died at the first level it automaticly teleported me to the end lol

  6. those items are not new, they are from a century ago xd

  7. To hard no need pretty bad reward I ain't doing it nah

  8. bro im Got That Item But i Skipped the obby for some reason

  9. its like old item i got it like a year ago

  10. Lol when one person post a thing like this people copy it

  11. wait weren’t these items already out months, or maybe a year before you uploaded this video? i’ve already have it in my inventory for months

  12. If u don't want do the obby if u have pet fly with it done

  13. The obby is too hard no other checkpoints 🙁

  14. I actually didn’t know that! Tysm for this video!

  15. Here is a free avatar Idea: crown festival from super galaxy star and the items here also bacon hair (preferable) thank me later 😉

  16. Fun fact: the clothes and the necklace items are old events from two ready players

  17. I love the neckless it looks like molten lava

  18. I couldn't get the item before i only got the badge but now when i did it again i got the items thanks!

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