Olympian finishes 2nd to transgender swimmer Lia Thomas - playknightdefender.com

Olympian finishes 2nd to transgender swimmer Lia Thomas

Fox News
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The ‘Outnumbered’ panel discuss Lia Thomas’ victory and the future of women’s sports.

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  1. Ppl need to stop saying democrats support this madness because we dont! This is cheating! Making this person feel great at the expense of making many woman feel bad. Not cool!

  2. An * by their name is not a solution. It’s simply about truth.

  3. As a child of the 90’s this world is stupid and makes me sick. Someone just needs to smack these people.

  4. STOP calling him a she, stop this Woke crap the more you bow down to these herty feelings minority the stronger they become.

  5. A women sport is a woman sport zero tolerance plz consider females to protest and do what it takes so your competition is respected to your level of competing

  6. You want the real solution……… Women don't participate plain and simple!!!!

  7. why not have a male, female and mixed league in each sport, with the obvious male female leagues retaining their traditional "biology at birth" designation and mixed is open to any and all regardless of gender (or non gender) …

  8. Give the trans their own category cause it will never be fair

  9. The trans should compete with other trans and let normal women compete on their own.

  10. Why are you people calling that male swimmer "she"?? He is not a "she". Gee whiz, what is the matter with people.

  11. First "trans gender" (a man) to win in a woman's sport. Let it sink in

  12. Biological men are 10000% stronger period • follow the science

  13. Women in sports have their own level of class n they are brilliiant at what they do, they do not need these bozos to up their game. If f these fellas start entering the WTA i m just going to focus on the ATP only

  14. Esto es lo que logro el curro de la feministas jajaa

  15. He has been on the news before because of this and I thought by that time they kicked him off the team. I'm surprised he still competing. Crazy

  16. I thought women wanted equal rights? I guess what they really want is obsoletion.

  17. Next time, they should all stay where they are and let him finish the race and then all the women start after he's done

  18. When he raced against men(like him), he didn’t even finish in the top 100.

  19. If I were a woman omfg I'd be soooooooooooooo mad!!!! Aren't all women pissed off about this???

  20. I figured it out!!!! You all ready?? It's genius!!
    *If you have balls, play with the men. If you have a vag, play with women!!!!
    I know, I'm a a genius.

  21. If trainginders wish to compete give them their own field they are neather male nor female let them compete against each other NO BRAINER

  22. You can see how when the interviewer asks “Lia” how he feels about the race he doesn’t say he’s proud about it like most people say. You can see the guilt on his face and his voice.

  23. He was swimming for years and during the men's competition the highest he got placed was 32nd!!!
    …so idk but this big huge man decides to wake up and pretend to be a women ..and he is now #1 in the women's competition??? HELL.NO.PERIOD.

  24. What happened to women's rights ? What happened to women's power. Women speaking up?…. SO A MAN CAN WEAR A SKIRT AND ALL OF A SUDDEN OVERSHADOWED THE WOMEN !!!?!?!?!?! WHEN WILL MEN STOP OVER POWERING WOMEN!!!!!

  25. Isn't this a blatant case of Gender Misappropriation?

    Now we gotta deal with FIRST TRANS SWIMMER WINS GIRLS COMPETITION.???????
    You never see girls dressing up as boys and trying to take over crap and making the men look less manly .. ??? What the heck is wrong with these male-wannna-be-females….like just stop!!

  27. Call this out for what it very much looks to be – nothing more than shameless, blatant & cynical cheating.

    I'm pretty sure that if the, very fair, suggestion of 'open' & 'protected biological female' sports competition classes is adopted – then this surreal phenomenon will simply vanish.

    It would then no longer pay off to cynically exploit this manufactured loop hole.

  28. Why do officials allow this though ? How is this OK? As simple as just looking at looking at female to male trasgenders compete , this problem is not there , I'd strictly male to female transgenders , no body wonders why ?? For the same reason we've ALWAYS had female and male categories , geeze!!!

  29. She is very flat chested ! Is she really transitioning??

  30. WNBA … imagine if Lebron James decides to play in WNBA 😂😂😂😂

  31. I'm glad this happened.

    It wakes people up and starts realizing the difference between "absolute equality" and "equality with justice"
    It's obviously a topic that can't be concluded by simple "She is a women, so yes" "She is not a women, so no" arguments,
    people like us, as part of society, need to treat trans people more delicately, as we have to respect man, woman and people with different gender.

    We don't need to scout, or judge too harsh on it, as it should be solved once there are more people think on it.
    Think, and the problem will be solved soon.

  32. Stop saying she ffs. It's a man! You guys are still trying to be PC yourselves.

  33. LOL. You got what you wanted ladies, live with it.

  34. Remember, you either support this or you’re a TERF.

  35. So here's the question. Why are the ones who are biologically born a female and turning themselves into men, not competing nor winning men's sports?? That's right. Obvious answer.

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