OJ Simpson on Who Did It, Kris Jenner Affair, and Picking up Girls with Trump! - playknightdefender.com

OJ Simpson on Who Did It, Kris Jenner Affair, and Picking up Girls with Trump!

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  1. After watching this I realize there are really only two options. He either did that shit or he did that shit. No doubt about that 💯

  2. My cousin worked at a bank in Brentwood,she handled high profile bank accounts and OJ had one of those accounts,she has told family that when he came in there, dealing with him was terrible,as in creepy,she was also friends with Ronald Goldman and interviewed after his death,OJ is a horrible human being and hopefully he pays for it in the next life

  3. Don't worry. You have no journalistic integrity.

  4. I think STEINY earned back a lot of respect with this episode. Even though he’s annoyed the shit outta me you gotta give credit when it’s due.

  5. It's been a minute since I watched the FullSend podcast. This one was GREAT!! Steiny was great!! What happened to Bradley?

  6. By far the best guest on the show, really took a stab out of those questions!

  7. After seeing this , he ain’t do it at all….

  8. I always liked OJ idc wat the media says there liars

  9. My uncle lived across the street from Reggie McKenzie and he told me a story when they went to the playboy club with OJ😂😂😂😂😂

  10. These guys do realize you can only push an envelope so far before it starts to tear, right?

  11. O.j. Simpson us Mexicans got you're back 💯 percent.

  12. Guy killed this episode, it was dope hearing his stories

  13. Man OJ murdered it here. Probably nothing of what he is saying is true, but I am glad he took a stab at telling these stories nonetheless.

  14. Asking all the hard nose questions🤷‍♂️.
    “Did you throw parties in Brentwood?” “Were they invite only? or anyone could pull up?”😂

  15. Hysterical to hear OJ say his goal in life right now is to “Stay Alive” 😂😂

  16. bro yall gotta respect the trial shit man lowkey pissed me off as a viewer so i cant imagine how he felt 🤦🏻‍♂️ he told u to not ask him multiple times and yall still kept bugging especially at the VERY end definitely ruined the vibes at the end

  17. Great interview, I had a killer time watching this video.

  18. They must have given OJ a serious envelope for this interview.

  19. I’m so glad OJ is doing good. Such a shame Nicole and Ronald have weighed this poor guy down even long after they’re gone.

  20. I wish my dad was alive to watch this interview. He was very vocal about OJ

  21. These guys are the worst interviewers asking the stupidest questions as if they didn't do any research on this killer. "Playing in buffalo you ever go to Toronto?" They missed the most important question "Juice what's your favorite color?" 😆

  22. Nice episode definitely got to sub to the channel 🔥🔥🔥

  23. Juice should play Harry Belafonte in a bio pic

  24. Great wholesome guy, people cry about the Justice system when it doesn’t go their way. Good on him man.

  25. Killer pod they murdered and OJ take a stab at it. Nice

  26. Sex crime he means child molesters🤦🏽‍♂️

  27. Oj should have been a mob boss. He would be a good boss. 1st class narcissist. Always the victim

  28. O.J likes killing women who don't listen.

  29. He can’t shake off that nervous energy.

  30. You a beast for getting OJ in for a interview alotta people can't do that

  31. Damn Kris Jenner is a backstabber. Wow! Over a golf game.

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