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No Jumper – The Suicide Boys Interview

No Jumper
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I first became aware of The Suicide Boys when I saw them lurking around backstage at the first #seshollowaterboyz show at The House Of Blues last year. Since then they’ve released a ton of music including a high profile mixtape with Pouya and their online following has increased rapidly. They just came into town on tour a few days ago and I was able to get them to come through the ONSOMESHIT store for an in depth interview in which we talked about some hard hitting stuff, namely race, religion and drug addiction. Incredibly, Pouya and Fat Nick showed up towards the end of the interview which was the first time these guys ever met him and we got Pouya to say a few words about them as well. I’m hyped on this interview and I hope everyone enjoys it!

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00:00 Drugs
02:00 Lil Wayne
04:00 New Orleans and being white
08:00 Cousins
09:00 Punk
12:00 DJing
17:00 Working sucks
22:00 Creative process
26:30 Black Smurf
28:50 Pouya
33:20 What influenced your style
37:30 Drugs
49:30 Advice to kids regarding drugs
52:00 Religion
1:00:00 Suicide?
1:03:30 Tour
1:06:00 Tattoos
1:08:20 The n word and racism
1:18:00 Pouya and Fat Nick show up
1:22:00 Bleached assholes


  1. always come back to this . super fucking inspirational no bap

  2. They’ve come so goddamn far ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  3. Wow, it's really great hearing them talk about heavy subjects that I can relate to, raw and unedited.
    I understand these guys, and they'd probably understand me too

  4. Y’all should do $uicideboy$ again, there way different now.

  5. 6 years later watching again learning to keep chasin my dreams

  6. Damn I didn't know the suicide boys were SJWs

  7. shoutout scrim getting off ops shoutout subs too fr

  8. Man watching no jumper evolve over the years it’s impressive and inspiring! The whole crew #1 in the GAME!

  9. Coolest podcast in the world baby let’s go

  10. Years later, still my favorite No Jumper interview

  11. “Working suck and there is nothing good about it” 2 minutes later, “I still work a job 4 days a week’

    Great interview, but that cracked me up.

  12. Watching this at work is super motivating though, these guys are super down to earth and have a grip on reality that a lot of these artists try to act like they don’t have.

  13. These dudes really hate religion I ain’t ever seen Adam 22 this hype 😭💀

  14. I like how they all agree they want proof from God connecting through Jesus but compare the things they see to formulate answers for living

  15. This needs to be redone. Too hard to jus let sit

  16. 🙏 It's not Religion it's a relationship and Jesus himself did like religion. 🙏 May God bless y'all.

  17. … i understand why adam had to ask because i know theirs places thats fuck shit but thats that attitude a dude should be approaching um with "black and white skin? what the fuck are you talking about?

  18. soon as he said he was on suboxone i had respect for him. i on 65mil of methadone. 3 month and 20 days no crack or brown

  19. Holy fuck dude this was 6 years ago… I feel old as fuck

  20. this was my first no jumper interview, saw this in april of 2016, 6 years later and rewatching this realizing these two dudes saved me before i even knew it. G594L.

  21. Wtf why cant i see my baby ruby 😩😩😩💔

  22. So I gotta be a druggy to be famous ok noted I'll start today

  23. “pray to a god that I never thought I would believe”

  24. You can’t see ruby cuz he doesn’t exist 😂

  25. After rewatching this after years I’m glad to see that scrim is clean now

  26. they are some very down to earth, intelligent, and interesting fellows. I remember being in prison feeling anxiety and depression every day and listening to $uicideboy$ and lil peep on my cd walkman and it was like the first time i felt like someone could relate to my emotions. It was very powerful stuff.

  27. Brah, that windbreaker swag made me feel those exciting "jacket feelings" I figure ladies have similar about shoes. Next motherload I'm going for it. I know those are gonna sell like crazy, but I wager you know that. Gonna rock that shit on W. Hollis, be a goober, and make people nervous on The Trail.

    These dudes are cool.

    Keep showing people "the shimmer of the sun on the rocks at the bottom of the river"
    Gate City 603!

  28. i really needed this, i love that one of my old fav artist are talking about jobs, im 18 and i hate working at the grocery store, i needed the motivation, thanks adam and $b, love

  29. unsubscribe and dislike.
    who do you think buys your garbage fxxcking rxxtaxxards

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