Nijisanji Boys Voice Sexy Demons - TOUCHSTARVED w/ Vox, Ike, Sonny & Doppio -

Nijisanji Boys Voice Sexy Demons – TOUCHSTARVED w/ Vox, Ike, Sonny & Doppio

Fulgur Ovid 【NIJISANJI EN】
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TOUCHSTARVED is A Dark Romance Visual Novel from Red Spring Studio. In it you play as a cursed individual who has to put their trust in one of 5 men, each monstrous in their own way. Today we’re playing the demo and you can support the game which is currently being funded on kickstarter at for one more day.

Joining me are @VoxAkuma, @IkeEveland, @SonnyBrisko and @DoppioDropscythe to voice the 5 boys. They’ll be dropping in and out of the call as their characters show up to provide us with their voice acting talents.


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【Uki Violeta】

【Alban Knox】

【Sonny Brisko】

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  1. Vox's Ais is something I didn't expect for. It blew me up and made me into the realization I NEED such a vocie of a strong mysterious monster.

  2. The voices are just perfect for the characters, like my jaw literally dropped. Too good 😍

  3. Oh wow, I didn't know you'll played this and made it popular, LOL. :p

    Sigh… I tried to play some of it myself but it kept lagging/glitching on me or something I think so I had to delete it. 🙁

    But yeah, as far as the demo goes, this one is for free if you'll want to get it off of Itch or something. :p

  4. You know, after playing the romance/ dating game for years. I've discovered a really crushing truth. I'm always attracted on first introduction to the one that is revealed to be the most twisted later in game and … Leander was my first choice along with Mhin…
    It only was proven wrong once out 100 so hope I'm wrong this time too😅

    That was so gooooood!!


  7. Isn't "as above, so below" a phrase associated with Baphomet??

  8. Mhin's like me fr.

    Edit- bottom leander bottom leander bottom leander

  9. ais can dominate me at anytime anywhere………. PLZ IM CRINGING AT MYSELF BUT VOX DID SO GOOOD WITH HIM I CAN'T I FORGOT HOW TO BREATHE!!!!!

  10. fuuchan u have my absolute heart!! this was an amazing stream omggg (time stamp of my fav line: 4:09:35 )

  11. OMG WOW!! The voice acting is brilliant! The bois really captured the characteristics very well

  12. This game reminds me of Juliette from shatter me

  13. Stop stop stop- Vox needs to voice Ais. HANDS. DOWN.

  14. I think I'll use this as background noise for drawing

  15. The fact that everyone’s outfits and hairstyles on their avatars match the style of the character they’re voicing makes my heart melt. THE DETAIL ❤

  16. This game looks absolutely incredible! You all did so amazing at voicing all the different characters, and your narrations were really good too, Fulgur. I hope and pray that we'll see a full release of this game really soon. I can't help but feel like the major similarities between Mhin and our main character seems to hint that Mhin's route in the story may actually give you the True Ending to this game. We'll have to wait and see, though.

  17. Thank you for the stream It’s amazing

  18. ok but i'm absolutely in LOVE with the OST, is there any way we can get access to it?

  19. Who made the discord icon for the boys. I would love to see the designs

  20. I just found this stream. I’m a huge fan of the arcana, and of these dudes voice acting

    Fulgur really does the most huh

  21. (I’m verrrry late)
    Yooooo Pio-Chan MURDERED his lines!!! Vox, Ike, & Sonny did absolutely amazing as well!
    Thank you soooo much Fulgur!!!! This stream was absolutely POG.

  22. I just noticed that the characters the boys are voicing is wearing the same outfit Of them😂

  23. Ais.. i needed to take a break after that first "hey" I couldn't………………………………

  24. 3:10:58 why don't you get the "bite him" option in red font?!?! was it because of previous choices or something?
    it's like a special option that opens up more dialogue and leads to more flirting >< and draws blood…
    upon research, it's because fulgur didn't select "f*ck you" as an option earlier!! dang!
    I love all the themes! 3:12:50 has the nice Ais romance music!
    Also his themes in the Seaspring is cool

    Thank you for this Fulgur & co!! You all did SO well. And Fulgur you did a great job putting it all together and voicing the narration, MC as well as Mhin. Really cool everyone, this was a great experience 🙂

    Also apparently devs have suggested Leander is actually going to be the most potentially toxic character…. I've heard it second hand so I can't confirm but there are signs!

  25. Im still only halfway through this but can we all just take a moment to appreciate fuu-chan's consideration and knowledge of all the other's schedules and stuff and being so mindful of that. Its so sweet and genuin fr

  26. Ah guess this is not the official VA? I already fell in love with Vox voice Ais too much. 😭😭😭. Noooooo. 😭😭😭

  27. Every week I come back to this – this stream was so iconic

  28. Damn It's my first time viewing a light novel and thank youuu❤❤ for making me realize I can find novels, books and anything else non-animate just as interesting as any anime or series…I was so invested in the story because you all doing a great job bringing characters to life💫 P.S Leander's character is so cute when he blushes I blush too ^-^

  29. I have probably rewatched this stream like 3 times just to see my man Leander 🤭

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