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NHL Playoff Highlights | Bruins vs. Hurricanes | Game 1 – May 2, 2022

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Seth Jarvis and Vincent Trochek had a goal and an assist each and Anti Raanta turned aside 35 of 36 shots to pick up his 1st career playoff win as the Carolina Hurricanes defeated the Boston Bruins 5-1 to take a 1-0 lead in their first-round series.


  1. Hopefully the Canes in 4.
    Sweep the Bruins under the rug!

  2. Эти бостонские ублюдки не должны играть рад за королину

  3. ray ferraro sounds like the apparently kid grew up

  4. That Its perfect start for this series. Lets Go Canes ! On this series hehe 😎

  5. This video must be in – PLAYOFFS PLAYLIST – Sportsnet forgot to add this video there

  6. This would have been fun to watch on NESN

  7. Bruins really need to cap on those early Chances. The Canes are extremely tough to play when they have the lead

  8. Bruins could have easily got a lead in the beginning and sit on it, Raanta was amazing.

  9. Sans Raanta, this game could’ve been out of reach after 1.
    Taking my kid to his first Stanley Cup game tomorrow night ! Let’s Go Canes !

  10. Same bruins as all season dominate the shot count but mostly poor angle sloppy chances, very ominous I had canes in 5 before the game – I’ll be surprised if bruins get more than that 😢

  11. And Boston thinks they have a good chance at the cup🤭..
    Not playing like this.

  12. Is it me or did the canes take EVERY single opportunity to finish their checks? Body shots all game.

  13. Love seeing the dreaded Bruins lose!!! Go Canes Go!!! (Canuck fan)

  14. Another game that got out of hand towards the back end. Canes came out confident and physical. That Jarvis kid playing like he has been there done that. This will be a quick one if they can keep playing like this

  15. Lot of empty seats for a playoff game. Shame.

  16. For whatever reason on the ESPN Broadcast it sounds like they lowered the crowd noise. It sounds so much louder when you go watch the Bally Sports Broadcast Clips.

  17. Very impressive play by Trochek. Also a great high shot by Teräväinen.

  18. How do these dead announcers have a professional job? It’s the playoffs and I feel like I’m watching golf

  19. Отличное начало ураганчики!Повесьте шкуру медведя над диванчиком!)))

  20. ullmark glove is not ready and he is beat blocker side. we have to collapse inside to give him a chance to cover the puck and play from the crease.

  21. Кэролайн вперёд…хватит уже медведям проигрывать!))

  22. These highlites are so bad why can't the NHL do better like Awood40 for the wings

  23. That goal off of the goalie’s mask is an insult 💀😂😂

  24. Something about Rangers goaltenders man… Raanta, Georgiev and Shesty… A team like Edmonton should buy Georgiev and watch him become a beast… Only time he looks wonky is when he gets the odd start and can't build momentum… everytime he gets consecutive starts he is a STUD! A late firstround pick or early 2nd would do for AG! Certainly better than Smith…

  25. Why, why, WHY are goalies taught to hug the post on their knees?!?! That goal, through an amazingly accurate backhand (to give proper credit!) should never go in! Not if the goalie is hugging the post proper – as in with their shoulder in the top corner. All 4ft of the goals height is covered! Great game by Raanta & the Canes. As a Leafs fan, really don't mind if Boston is put out. Lots of hockey to go though.

  26. Boston's goaltending is not going to be able to hold up against the Canes offense.

  27. Это просто разноуровневый хоккей!!! Красиво Каролина смотрится, очень красиво!

  28. Ray Ferraro is one of the best colour commentators in Hockey. “Chicken Parm” or not, he knows his stuff and adds a ton to any broadcast. Glad to hear him tonight!

  29. I guess ullmark only plays good when its against his old team the sabres….lmfao

  30. This series will be over in 5 maybe 6 games tops…..Ive said it for 5 yrs we need more scoring….pasta only scores in regular season…laat few playoffs…not much

  31. Приятный результат. Желаю бостону скорейшего вылета.

  32. I've never seen Bruins play so bad. They were totally out of character.

  33. Зажигайте наши парни!) которые читают без перевода 😁 пусть все залетает)

  34. Законопослушный водитель says:

    Надеюсь, Каролина пройдёт Бостон

  35. So glad the Bruins lost, since they are NESN turned their backs on Bobby Orr!!!

  36. This video is not in the current 2022 playoff playlist… 😕

  37. Нет повторов интересных моментов. Дизлайк.

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