NEW ROBLOX HACKER *EXPOSED* (Jenna Roblox TikTok Hacker) -

NEW ROBLOX HACKER *EXPOSED* (Jenna Roblox TikTok Hacker)

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Another new roblox tiktok hacker called jenna from the oder horror films is causing some roblox drama currently, today i will expose who the jenna roblox hacker really is, and prove that it is all fake.
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The youtuber Zerophyx runs the jenna account
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  1. I'm a girl who plays roblox…and after hearing this…Bruh…i quickly changed my roblox avatar and gender to male 😔

  2. Welp the roblox tik toks and fake hackers seemz to be getting more redicueles

  3. I am a girl so I have to change my avatar:(

  4. jenna: im gonna hack all girl muahahahhahahah
    me: im scared crys

  5. Why the flip-flop girls like what the

  6. The people who change their username, display name, and deleted their accounts, on the February 7-8, realizing Jenna the Hacker is not real: Bro WTF

  7. ʚ ⁑ •Sugar Break•*。•ɞ #TysmFor200 🥳 says:

    Hello! For everyone out there worrying this is not true this account was used for a Roblox movie a while ago called the Oder. These are just rumors and there’s other similar accounts named Jenna but other people made accounts named Jenna to follow people in games and scare people. And for the people commenting it’s real or I saw her and stuff like that they are just trying to scare you it’s safe to be on Roblox, don’t worry Roblox has many security checks, and also would have Probably terminated the account if this was true. Pin this if you want to.

  8. ah i remember i watched the roblox movie

  9. Thank you so much I actually believed it

  10. i think this is true

    i just dream i got backstab
    dream in 2019

    now im scared of murder this can be true

  11. why would Jenna waste her time “deleting” every girls account when there’s about 2.3 billion roblox accounts 💀

  12. Wth its Jenna? 💀 I only know john doe cuz the admin made a Nice nome with this lol

  13. Thank you for letting us know that the rumor was fake, My friends and I were very scared of what was happening. After this video, it makes more sense!

  14. The thing my 7 year old Brother and me just uninstall because my brother said so

    Idk if this is real or not
    Think whatever you want
    Jenna was an actor for the roblox movie "the oder"
    And besides, like 100m people play roblox and about half of them are girls
    So you should be very very lucky for Jenna to be in the same server as you
    There's no proof that Jenna's a hacker
    But if you don't feel safe
    Sure, you can dress up as a boy
    Do whatever you want
    I'm just saying

  16. i saw him when i was playing disater survival with my frend hes also a toxic player

  17. This is so fake If this is Real She will Girls and boys

  18. But this is fake because why it's only gonna have girls So it's literally so fake

  19. Little does Jenna from the oder know GEN Z HAS ANY GENDER

  20. If jenna is such a big hacker why does she have a team ! This is proof THAT SHE IS NOT A HACKER

  21. I just Watched The oder but the sadest moment in The oder is when chad dead

  22. Kreekcraft change to girl and find out in Jenna game

  23. I think is real because the avatar was the same on Roblox the details was the same so I think is real

  24. In the part 3:14 the green person, that’s probaby my roblox account.

  25. Getting banned isn't the worst thing in the world anyways

  26. I was on her game not so long ago but I only knew her from that film not from hacking-. It’s a grate vid never knew this lol

  27. TYSM for telling me its fake when I'm not a kid I'm still scared I dont want my acc to get hacked bc I had done alot of stuff in my acc and I'm sick rn

  28. Lol me threatening her that ill kill him next and my acc got banned from his game lmaoooo

  29. omg guys the jenna is online in feb 4 omg i just try to join her but the game is not working so i just left and see what game she play but the game didnt came out

  30. If she really hacks all Girls in roblox, roblox Will crash and she can maybe get to jail or lose a lot of money.

  31. I dont trust I wont fell for that easilly

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