NEW PSN SALE LIVE RIGHT NOW and a New PS4/PS5 FREE Game Weekend Out Now on PSN! -

NEW PSN SALE LIVE RIGHT NOW and a New PS4/PS5 FREE Game Weekend Out Now on PSN!

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The PSN Weekend Offer SALE 2022 is Now Live! New PS4 and PS5 Deals to check out.

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  1. Base Game DBD isn't on sale on Playstation?

  2. Hits of 2007, aged poorly, yet all bangers.

  3. Still 🐝 waiting for that beat saber sale yaha c'mon and finally buzz buzz

  4. Don't play cod so I won't be lol. An cyber punk was the worst but now on next gen. Its a really good game.

  5. Cyberpunk best game hands down…. show me a better one…God of war ragnarok ain't out yet

  6. I did get Cyberpunk at BestBuy for 9 bucks with a free steelbook and just waited for the ps5 version to come out.

    I still feel kind of ripped off.

  7. It’s so cool to hate cyberpunk

    Def one of my fave recent releases, can’t wait for the DLC

  8. That cod burger King skin is fucking stupid people buying that thing I don't ever want to hear about people complaining about season passes that add actual playability to ur game and value not something stupid like cod is doing. Ps anyone celebrating Halloween have fun and double check yo candy

  9. I bought cyberpunk collectors edition back in 2077 with no regrets

  10. Why do you assume fans of baseball are rednecks? A few of the most popular baseball cities include New York, Boston, and Chicago. Not trying to call you out I'm just genuinely curious.

  11. Throne breaker is a surprisingly good game. The story is great!

  12. dead by daylight feels horrible to play. i remember trying it out when it was free for ps+ and it very much feels like a last/last gen game. i was excited to try it but didn’t even bother telling my friend about it because i knew they’d hate it lol

  13. How can somebody get mad at a recommendation? I swear the social media public is challenged in the head. As if making a recommendation is the same as a weapon to the head threatening somebody to make a purchase. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  14. broken cyberpunk a good game for u
    but tlou2 sucks for u cuz someone got hit by a golfclub 😂

  15. I bought 2 copies of cyberpunk at GameStop for $9 altogether after tax and they were complete in box

  16. Love your videos! Good info! Thank you for all you do!❤️👍

  17. Can we expect elden ring going on sale during ps store black friday deals???

  18. They gotta make that money now, before that lawsuit hits them. $9 billion.

  19. not busy at all with playing MW2 so nice to check out the real games 😉

  20. Can I make a us account and still use my Canadian card to pay for games

  21. cyberpunk is cool and all but goddamn are the enemies are bullet sponges like fuck😅 increase in the difficulty only makes the more of a bullet sponge rather than increasing the intelligence of the enemy, what type of programming is that?

  22. You don’t have to justify your suggestion for Cyberpunk 2077, it’s a good game that is only getting better. Everyone by now knows the issues with the game. Also, it’s an opinion.

  23. Think I'm gonna pass on this one. Thanks for the video

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