NEW Mario Party go Stupid. w/the boys -

NEW Mario Party go Stupid. w/the boys

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Our friendship is ruined…



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  1. when did narrator watch naruto but witch sharingan

  2. the lets go cont was waaaaaay off

  3. Mully should go to a therapist from joshdub

    Eddie: you mean t h e r a p i s t ?

  4. sup i have endometriosis! just wanna shout out to my twin mulls

    thats all. love yall green gang

  5. Eddie You Really Know How To Make Waluigi's Voice Dude, Amazing Dude Amazing, I Know How To Make His Voice Too.

  6. Am I the only one who saw the person online named kaka- and Eddie biting his lip- xD idk how I noticed Eddie biting his lip- ;-;

  7. I didnt realize the change in his nose cause it looks the same

  8. The title of this video should be narrator saying let's go of 40 mins

  9. The boys should be their marioparty characters for Halloween

  10. Mully to the boys is like Nogla to the vanoss crew

  11. Congratulations on a great video! 😏 I know where you can get more than 51 free spins.Best choice.
    Secretariat the greatest horse of all time! Heart of a Champion!

  12. “ is that why eddie lost?” (the “ ghosts “) “ quick. Adam. There’s a Mexican that’s guessing 26. Go hide in the bushes so the three brethren win with 25”

  13. why does mully always always have to cry and whine in every game like a child

  14. Hi Eddie I’m a Mexican kid that loves your videos

  15. Dk was so strong because there was bananas

  16. Eddie should play Waluigi’s Taco stand 64 ( yes that exists, and it’s beautiful)

  17. Eddie warped to get the next star and yet he still could’ve gotten the first one lol😅

  18. i nearly lost it when josh said "this is the most pages a blonde has ever made it through"

  19. Josh made a blond joke and I just want to say I have read book up to 3000 pages and I’m blond

  20. Love the "let's go" counter straight away for Narrator 😂

  21. bruh i fell alseep for a split second and all i hear is mully saying "dont do poor daisy like that" then eddie goes "i will do poor daisy like that" like wtfffff did i just wake up to, funny shitz tho

  22. Ahh, the old "palm trick" worked unless you and your brothers were super competitive and played waaay to much.. then it wore I blister in the center if your hand like a stigmata.

  23. Y is everyone mad at me I’m just doing my job 😂

  24. Narrator every ten milliseconds:LETS GO!!

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