NEW MAGIC NECKLACE and a Tour of The Holladay Boys Backyard!! (adley and friends) -

NEW MAGIC NECKLACE and a Tour of The Holladay Boys Backyard!! (adley and friends)

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Best Necklace Day Ever 997

Really crazy story!! Remember last Best Day Ever when I had to run through the airport to catch my flight because there was no way I was going to miss Adley’s 4th Birthday? I had a bag that I put this awesome disney princess lego castle I got a present for Adley. I was running so late that I put it on the conveyor belt to get checked but my plane took off without it. I never thought I’d see it again, but this morning I got a text from Delta saying “we found your lost bag!” I need to go pick that up so I can surprise Adley. Before I go, Adley had a birthday party with all her little friends from around the neighborhood (check out the full video on Adley’s channel) but she wants to give as a quick review of all the cool things she got!! Hint, there are a lot of Barbies.

I get home from getting my lost bag and head into the backyard where the family is having fun and playing. Adley can’t wait to open my suit case and get her present. This is her first lego set so she asks mom and dad to help her put it together. We also got a surprise for Holladay’s boys, this really awesome space lego set, and we want to take it to them. So Adley takes charge of wrapping the present and getting it all ready to take it to the boys.

We show up to the Holladay house, to the surprise of everyone. The boys are hyped when they unbox the gift and can’t wait to start building it. But before they do, we need to see their brand new backyard! So much to do, jumping on the tramp and doing tricks, a dance contest, and playing soccer. Cohen also has a Rator power wheel, looks like we need to have speed test with that and Adley’s Barbie camper!

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