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  1. subing to anyone who subs to me#tysm for 8 subs says:





    My parents said its my turn to steal some ones pin

  2. I love how lavender tori and complex and others try so hard making us beautiful free items video its sooo kind!! And ty lavender and others!

  3. OMG i just find your avatar on wible😳

  4. I got all the items by a another youtuber

  5. Omg I was doing this and I saw new free itemmmmm realllll itssss color eeeeeeee reeeeedddd wowowowowowowowowowow

  6. Hey lavender tysm for all this and guys we should support her no matter what

  7. Actualy on the second item i dont need to collect 7 tennis ball when reached i think level 2 it got me the hat and when i reach to level 4 it gived me the item but i guess it worked

  8. Did you know lavender you always help us you know that?

  9. You are so good at editing and you are showing how to get real things without robux and there is no hack and a trick!

  10. I have seen that game before it need high quality devices

  11. What is your hair called?


    0:15 I am still grinding for it it's an amazing game I have so much fun <3

  13. Please please please give ME SOME ROBUX AND FREE ADOPT ME PET NOW

  14. Did anyone notice that the blockhead was in the clothing-?

    Edit: idk if anyone notice that but It looks funny

  15. Hey New Paris accosery hat free and emeto free

  16. Her: the item is going to be gone on July eight”
    Me: but I checked it’s still here.
    Also me: wait is it bec I already have it.

  17. OML the first one it’s an old event tbh I remember playing it and thanks Lavender

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