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How’s it going guys, SharkBlox here,

Welcome back to an avatar tricks video in today’s video I’ll show you guys a new free faceless trick using the Classic Male v2 – Head from the Dennis package! For some reason Roblox updated this head and now it’s glitched! Make sure to do this trick in R15 mode! FREE FACELESS AVATAR TRICKS ON ROBLOX!

Dennis Package:
Classic Male v2 – Head:


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  1. People who read it as free headless

  2. ommmmg i got here before roblox remove this 😉 hopfully i dont get banned

  3. Shark I dont have a have in roblox
    You can also use it with other faces

  4. This man never clickbaits. +1 Subscriber

  5. i joined a game but my avatar was headless

    i joined a different game and then i was faceless

  6. 100% I found Frist when I do that glitch I be LIKE : OMG SECURITY ALERT SECURITY ALERT WOO WOO WOO

  7. Wow You The Best SharkBlox And So cool Im Your Big fan 😀

  8. It looks like Clickbait at 1st but then it will turn real when it is Shark

  9. Я первее всех это ещё заметила)))

  10. Ima dress up as one of the workers in scp 3008

  11. you can also use that head to take the face off and then change the head and there still won’t be a face

  12. whats the background game called at the start of the video

  13. Why was this head on my inventory? I just found out today

  14. My friend was doing this glitch a week ago. But sadly good stuff like this always ends.

  15. 100 percent free, yet it costs 0 robux

  16. Sharkblox he giving us a code and cool avatar

  17. dang i was wondering why roblox changed the icon of these heads

  18. What is the game name that shark played in the beggining?

  19. "Whats Up Guys Sharkblox Here" Never gets old.

  20. @SharkBlox. I decided to try it out on different heads and my face didnt pop up in my avatar editor, but in game my face popped up.

  21. Why im always late when he poted video 😭😭

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