New Dragon Ball Item in Fortnite -

New Dragon Ball Item in Fortnite

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NEW Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 No Sweat Summer Event has arrived bringing Summer Quests, Summer Rewards, but most importantly a New Fortnite Dragon Ball Z Mythic Item!

➡️14 Secret SUMMER Rewards in Fortnite!

➡️13 Secrets YOU MISSED in Fortnite Season 3

➡️New DRAGON BALL Z Event in Fortnite!

➡️New Mythic Ability in Fortnite Update!


➡️Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Gameplay Trailer

➡️Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Cinematic Trailer

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  1. The kame (came) house 😅😅😅 it’s Kame (Kahme)

  2. I always see him in the gas station at Reality Falls

  3. As a Dragon Ball fan, please watch Dragon Ball Z. I want to hear you say these names correctly

  4. Kah. May. Fuckin pronunciation god damn.

  5. Every time you said "Came House " I chuckled childishly its pronounced"Ka-Me": Ka Mae

  6. I got white I got a 0 percent chance button

  7. This dudes has never watched dragon ball can tell🤣

  8. Can someone please gift me the boardwalk warriors pack if yes here's my user: ZERO_ECKO

  9. I just want to tell you this but they are giving back wings and sprays in the Vibin quest and I’m about to get a seed backfilling so I think you should make a video on that

  10. 🎮 GET 10k VBUCKS - CHECK MY CHANNEL 🎮 says:

    They should make the fist gloves for goku but instead of punching they are open hand shooting fireballs and it should set stuff on fire too

  11. If the roster isn’t Vegeta, Goku, Bulma, Piccolo, and goku black I’m raging.

  12. You should be able to go full sayin after 10 kills

  13. I'm convinced this dude is trolling us with his pronunciations

  14. This will be the best collab better then all of the previous

  15. You can tell he don’t know shit about dragon ball this shit hurts to listen to

  16. Of all anime to sell put why dragon ball?😔

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