NBA Picks & Predictions Saturday 2/11/23 | Jay's NBA Jam Session -

NBA Picks & Predictions Saturday 2/11/23 | Jay’s NBA Jam Session

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NBA Picks & Predictions Saturday 2/11/23 | Jay’s NBA Jam Session
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  1. Mitchell might have flash backs cause he dropped 70 something last time

  2. Nah I didn’t cash out on the mavs cause they may not have had Lucia but they had a play maker in Irving

  3. It's like Jimmy Butler and co trying to get Coach fired hahaha

  4. I don't see how Sacramento is favored. They looked completely outmatched last night.

  5. 5 points in 5 minutes?😂 1 point/minute not that bad.

  6. The nets have a good looking team on paper all they need is a superstar player like KD to be contenders 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Lotta teams hit last night.. MAVS & Thunder on a mini parlay
    Main parlay

  8. Marquette ML
    Kentucky ML
    Marshall ML
    North Carolina ML
    Florida Atlantic ML
    Southern Miss ML
    Howard ML
    Denver Nuggets ML

    $50 pays 204✅ let’s cash tonight

  9. my no bet list are raptors, jazz, miami, kings

  10. My guy the Mavs ML Celtics ML 1.7k profit yesterday $$
    let’s get this money today!

  11. u got nets over 76ers?! this is a hard one with all these trades going on and embids prob benching but damn! i got money on nets tho !

  12. Toronto was the last leg of a 5 team ML parlay, had to hedge with Utah when they were down by double digits, them Raptors can't be trusted with my money

  13. I’m rolling with the mavs jmoney connection locking in!!I’ve been saying it all season KINGS ARE SO OVERRATED

  14. I like how Jay came with that doncic jazy flipped

  15. DONE with the Pacers & Haliburton doesn’t show up until 3rd quarter when they’re beyond down.

  16. Rooting for Kyrie for sure but that team in Phoenix is something special bro lol solid picks again though 👌🏾🔥

  17. Raptors sold me 1k off a 1$ ticket yesterday.. im down bad

  18. Yo! Yo! Yo! Yoooo!! I love that Jersey!! Swaggg!! Let's keep riding this Money Train!! 🤟

  19. Thanks for your insight on these games day after day🤙🏼

  20. Y’all be ripping this man when he has an off day but kissing his ass when he has a good day. Bunch of fake love. Keep doing your thing Jay. I FW what you’re doing and you do a solid job. No more fake love y’all. You either supporting him or not supporting him through the good and through the bad.

  21. Man hold -up…!!!!! That boy Jay….a walking atm just passing out bread 💰 🤑 💸

  22. Why the hell dont u ever do over and under picks? Hah? And the spreads!

  23. Thanks for the videos brotha!! I hit two 6 team parlays and a third is pending for eagles to win tomorrow-6.5 points. Blesss!!!

  24. Even if ur picks don’t always hit I always look forward to the info u drop bout the teams and the reason behind ur picks
    Appreciate it

  25. Have hit every parlay since Monday, hit 3 three leg parlays yesterday and missed 1 only. Let’s smash it again today🥇🤝🏽

  26. Philly ml, Wizards ml, Knicks ml, Cavs ml, Celtics ml straight bet .

  27. My boy rocking the jersey backwards 😭😭😭

  28. He’s on FIRE 🔥 Let’s f’n go JaYYYYY. Whatever you ate last night and this morning don’t stop 🛑🫶🏾

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