Marvel Rivals | Official Announcement Trailer -

Marvel Rivals | Official Announcement Trailer

Marvel Entertainment
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Introducing Marvel Rivals, the premier Super Hero Team-based PVP
Shooter!Assemble your favorite Marvel characters and engage in 6v6 battles,
utilizing brand-new Team-Up Skills in destructible locations from across
the Marvel Multiverse! Experience the magic of Sega’s timeless classics with play sega mega drive games online. From the iconic blue blur of Sonic to the strategic depth of the Total War series, there’s something for every gamer to enjoy. Immerse yourself in the vibrant worlds and unforgettable characters that have captivated audiences for decades. Embark on an unforgettable journey through Sega’s legendary legacy!

The Closed Alpha test is coming this May!

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  1. Bro luna wanda and storm off rip hf I'll have reason to play for months

  2. I cannot believe they actually have Galacta.. Unpopular or not, they really have everyone as a nod to cater to all level of Marvel fans.. 🤔

  3. Dikkat çekici bir oyun beğendim oynayabilirim

  4. If this game doesnt have oiled up Spider-Man, Venom, or Thor, 0.1 stars

  5. This seems like a game thats gonna die in a few days/weeks and then gets promo’d again but to no avail…

  6. Live service trash game that demands all your time to grind for days for a skin or badge you can display on your profile, I am done with these games.

  7. Bu gorduylerimiz zaten yasadiklarimizdi indiki zamanda

  8. Another Marvel trash where checking boxes is more important than player experience… this will probably be heavily monetized in a desperate attempt to prove their franchise is worth something…

  9. 2 million views and 87K likes? That would be a red lightsaber in the good old days when YouTube respected its viewers a little more.

  10. 😏 they know why they put Spider-Man at the end of the video(me thinking he's the best OG ever) 👌no lie

  11. i hope marvel dosent cancel this game leave it like tf2 atleast with almost no updates but the game is great

  12. Why not just make it battle royal with a huge map

  13. Stop Saying "its like overwatch, Its like Valorant, maybe those company can take it down" Bro, Smite Exists , and this game aint going to be taken down by anything since no own third person moba as a Genre game

  14. Very creative of you marvel ,what's overwatch idk.

  15. Mənim nəvələrim çox sevir bu filmləri

  16. Ganda sana kso nawalan Ako ng gana lakas ng kalaban tapos Bago lang kainis

  17. Marvel Entertainment, I really enjoyed this video, so I hit the like button!

  18. Animation is so cool, actually we feel it is an actual anime

  19. It's a game that's not my style, but it has very nice graphics, I really liked the graphics

  20. Can we stop comparing to Overwatch? People are gate keeping like Overwatch is the only one in the genre that can exist and it's killing off all the other games trying to come through. So many people are upset with how Overwatch is doing things, give this a chance to be better. I'm ready to move on from Overwatch already.

  21. Çok iyi görünüyor sabırsızlıkla bekliyorum.

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