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Losing All Of Your Fingernails 😱

Zack D. Films
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  1. From experience it does take six months for a fingernail to grow back. I snapped one by closing my car door on my finger. IT did hurt like a b

  2. Ive made the skin of my toe nails basically unsensing, i feel very little pain due to me picking them ro rhe point they dont grow past a certain point

  3. January when you lost your fingernails it will go from June

  4. “Your Fingernails Are Thin and Fragile, mine Are [INVINCIBLE]”

  5. If you fully lose them then they either won't grow back or they will sometimes be deformed

  6. I have so much sympathy pain for those CGI fingers

  7. Our intelligence agencies knows this

  8. People with crazy short nails so their used to not using their nails to pick things up 👌🏽>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  9. I had one of my fingernails come completely off but idk if it took 6 months to grow back

  10. Oh god poor Rudolph (Ghost Eyes fans will know)

  11. I lost my big toe because it got ran over..
    It literally turned green and rotted off.
    Then revealed a new nail growing underneath all in 1 month

  12. This happens to me one times.

  13. Your back is gonna be real itchy with out them finger nails😂😂

  14. that's a lie my Neil's grew back in 2months not 6 your a lie don't follow him

  15. And this is a great example of how God perfectly created humans 😊

  16. my brother had to have surgery, in which they removed his thumbnail. can confirm the video is accurate

  17. I lost my thumb nail. Can confirm that it was very sensitive at first.

  18. I was in school and this second grader fell broke his finger nail off and I left the school so I have no idea what happened to little bro

  19. 6 months mine took 2 days is that normal?

  20. Six months you say? My fingernail got all blackened out because of the heavy metal strip down to my finger and it hurts but the recovery time isnt even reaching 3 months or 2 months when i fully peel off the damaged nail when its ready to be peel off that time

  21. I lost a to nail 😢 but it took forever to grow back but it did now

  22. This happened to me when I was 6. I can't forget that

  23. Those nails growing back were beyond disturbing💀

  24. This on time i was maybe 9 or 10 years old then i was sitting on the floor and playing with my toys and my fingers were super close to the door then suddenly my little brother opened the door on my fingers and one of my fingernail broke well not all of the fingernail broke, half of it broke it was soooo painfull i was crying so much i wouldn't even stop crying and screaming but like the nail grew really fast and i was so glad that it grew back

  25. who's feeding the animators broo😭

  26. I lost my toenail from a workplace accident.
    The feeling of a naked appendage is weird yet oddly satisfying. Watching it regrow a new nail overtime was honestly fun to watch.
    Kinda amazing how the human body works. To go from having no nail to just grow a new nail straight from scratch is quite miraculous

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