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  1. Batman VHS I have the whole series Spiderman I have one of the series

  2. Dang batman animated series is my favorite i have the whole series on dvd sweet pick ups!

  3. Do you ever think about selling your pez collection? I would value it at anywhere from $500 to $1000. And nice x men vhs.

  4. That smurf dance party was actually pretty fun.

  5. I’m assuming you already have the first Halo on the OG Xbox? I’m a big Halo fan I’d pick Halo up up for cheap of principle alone that’s just me lol 😝 digging all the thrifting!! Come spring here in Indiana my yard sale game is going to be on point for the season I can’t wait 😊 you and Hanna always look like your having a great time

  6. Jason's House of Fun and Video Games says:

    794! 6 more subs to 800. 200 more to the 1000 milestone. Let's go!

  7. Would love to see Tendo start getting some heavy hitters. Like Turtles in Time, Chrono Trigger, Mighty Final Fight

  8. Try to find the logitec ps2 wireless controller. I dont know how expensive is right now, mine was 7.50 i think, from the thrift. No noticeable input lag, and batteries last for very very long time.

  9. I wish I could find a Pokémon Gameboy color!! I put a aftermarket Pokémon case just like that on one before to resell it was fun and easy. My rarest Gameboy Color is the Japanese clear one

  10. Nice finds again. Here is my haul from just one day this week my best ever from UK Charity shops.
    Bass fishing
    Guitar hero warriors of rock
    Wii sports resort box version
    A fat PS2 with memory card
    Spider-Man 2/Fahrenheit/Wipeout fusion /Crazy taxi/
    Simpson's skateboarding/
    Siimpsons hit and run/Midway arcade treasures 3/Hitman 2 silent assassin/Ghost rider/
    Rayman M/Rahman Raving rabbids/Haven call of the king
    Heavenly sword/Deadpool/ Final fantasy xiii/plants vs zombies garden warfare/ X-Men destiny/
    Hitman absolution.
    Xbox 360
    Deadrising 2/Thrlllville off the rails/Forza motorsport 4/Gears war 3/Sniper ghost warrior/Spideman edge of time/mini ninjas/Transformers war on cybertron/Lego star wars complete/Lego Harry potter 5-7/Dragons dogma/superman returns/Minecraft 360/Lego movie.
    GameCube (never see these)
    The Urbz Sims in the city
    X-Men 2 wolverines revenge.
    Nintendo DS
    Nintendogs Dacksund (US copy)
    Zoo tycoon loose cart.

  11. If I remember correctly the one X-Men video on VHS was one of five or six that they sold at Pizza Hut when you went inside and or had it delivered. I think they were charging $9.99 (plus tax) for one. I had a couple of those VHS's growing up and that's the only reason I remember.

  12. Nice pick ups, ironically i found a Logitech PS2 Controller for $5 at a local pawn shop. Those IMO are better than the Sony branded one's. Im gonna post what i picked up today on discord. I saw some Minecraft themed shades like you wear, but $6 for the whole bag was a bit much

  13. Keep an eye out for those big box pic games. If those sims pc games at savers are cheap those might be a good flip

  14. Jason's House of Fun and Video Games says:

    VHS tapes, game boy and bandanas oh my! Nice finds tendo. Nothing good in the wild for me today. Better luck tomorrow hopefully.

  15. Great game hunt video. Congrratz on 800 .Cool VHS finds,love me some Spider-Man and X-Men cartoons.

  16. No video today 🙁 we’ll try survive stay rockin tendo

  17. I must of been lucky I got my Logitech ps2 controller and dongle for $5 at the thrift. I found the controller in the back of store. Then found a ps2 in front of store in lock box with the memory card,dongle, and Wired controller. Lucky the guy at counter was cool when I explained dongle went to the controller I found and gave it to me.

  18. Your comment about no wireless controllers at the thrift without receivers is a lie, or partially? I bought at my local Value Village 2 wave bird controllers with only 1 receiver. But it had its receiver so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  19. I have seen in most of you videos that you buy lemonade. I was wondering the brand

  20. 'I don't know what to do with my nose rite now'


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