Kindergarten Cop (1990) - Boys Have a Penis Scene (3/10) | Movieclips -

Kindergarten Cop (1990) – Boys Have a Penis Scene (3/10) | Movieclips

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Kindergarten Cop – Boys Have a Penis: Kimble (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is introduced to his kindergarten class by Miss Schlowski (Linda Hunt).

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In this action-comedy, unusual circumstances find big, brawny cop John Kimble (Arnold Schwarzenegger) posing as a kindergarten teacher in order to apprehend major drug lord Cullen Crisp (Richard Tyson), as well as his ruthless accomplice and mother, Eleanor (Carroll Baker). While pretending to be a kid-friendly instructor, Kimble falls for pretty fellow teacher Joyce Palmieri (Penelope Ann Miller) as he battles both unruly children and dangerous bad guys.

TM & © Universal (1990)
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hunt
Director: Ivan Reitman

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  1. Back when the mentally ill did not teach the curriculum.

  2. Now teachers tell the children that's no true

  3. My mom showed this to me a couple years ago and 😩 I think I was too young to know

  4. I love how every single video with 2:33 isolated have the comments disabled.

  5. Fun Fact: Arnold Schwarzenegger became pregnant in 1994, to star in the film Junior

  6. The kid who says Everyone dies you know, I swear he was one of the boys who discovered Jimmy Meatloaf and his wife's bodies in the pink Cadillac in Goodfellas. This was from the same year too.

  7. when a kindergarten is smarter than supreme court judge….

  8. 32 years later, sadly some people can't answer what is man and woman.

  9. In 2022 that boy would be deemed as the smartest kid in the world.

  10. I was surprised when I found out the main kid, I think his name was Dominic, was played by twins (kinda the same way Michelle Tanner on full house was played by both Olsen twins)

  11. That kid knows his biology 1990. But now in 2022 people are dumb and don’t know biology.

  12. It's a shame Arnie bought into the cov syringe deal, was a good chap until then

  13. Oh man, not only Johnny deserves to win, but also his legal team for being dedicated, professional and empathic.

  14. 2:32 That moment when a little boy knows more about biology than a Supreme Court justice.

  15. Reported for transphobia. TAKE THIS VIDEO DOWN. PEOPLE ARE DYING!

  16. I was 7 years old then but saw the movie when I turned 15..

  17. This kid could teach the world the truth.

  18. girl: where'd she go?
    teacher: that doesn't matter
    Lowell: did she die?
    teacher: no she went to see someone
    Lowell: did they die?
    teacher: no, no
    Lowell: everyone dies ya know


  19. Long before gender confusion seeped into our elementary schools. Like the coronavirus, it is becoming an infectious disease that has no known boundaries.

  20. Why is the class room really cool and has a ladder??

  21. 2:22 Sai (Naruto) was so cute here in this movie. 😊😇😊 and so was Miko Hughes (Full House and Pet Sematary) at 2:332:36. 😊😇

  22. Ahh yes… the old days when times were simpler and even literal Children had common sense

  23. 0:59
    John staring at the kids: 😠😠😠
    Kids: 😐😐😐😐😐

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