Kenny Loggins - Playing with the Boys (Official Video) -

Kenny Loggins – Playing with the Boys (Official Video)

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Playing, playing with the boys
Staying, playing with the boys
After chasing sunsets
One of life’s simple joys
Is the boys

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  1. The trailer of Top Gun 2 has a beach volleyball scene. Who wants to hear this song played in that scene?

  2. I thought the baseline was cool, so I looked it up on the wiki, and it was the Nathan East.

  3. I liked the volleyball scene from Top Gun with this song playing in the background.

  4. I'm quite sure the short hair girl with the American Flag clothing is Lory Petty protagonist of the cult movie point break

  5. Song for and about boys who fantasize about playing with the boys

  6. The girl in red white and blue looks like season 1 Monica from friends

  7. L O V E MY T O P G U N I WILL
    F O R E V E R BE A 80'S G I R L


  9. Ohhhhhhh… I thought this song was about something else

  10. Someone in 2022, listening to this sound that moves your heart and Andrenalina and nostalgia… 🔥🙌🏻⚡😎

  11. A warped record…


    Long about 50 years back my Mom’s Aunt sent her a 45 RPM ‘demo’ record that was awarded as a first prize for winning a local band or songwriting contest (county fair?).

    Don’t remember the name of the band, but the song was written and performed by Kenny Loggins either while he was in High School or soon after.

    I left it on my Dad’s desk one day and it got sun warped.

    (Plays somewhat OK if you tape a couple of Pennies on the tone arm.)

    And if I dig through a bunch of boxes heaped in the basement I could probably tell you what the name of the song was.

    I vaguely remember that it started out as a repeated rising and falling progression of eight notes.

    (Sorta-kinda like the bass beat in the ‘Batman’ theme.)

    At any rate, Kenny’s Mom was extremely proud of her son so she sent copies of the recording to a number of friends and relatives, including my Mom.


    Here it is, half a century gone by, and I have been wondering…

    Would the record be worth anything?


    … any suggestions as to how I might be able to ‘flatten’ a warped 45 RPM recording?

    Stay Well…

  12. This makes me want to play volleyball on the beach.

  13. I really wished this music video had the volleyball scene from Top Gun!!! Lol!!!

  14. First live streamed volleyball game in U.S. history.

  15. Man that guitar riff absolutely kills. Love the build in the verses as well. The chorus falls flat a bit tho. Think it could've been even bigger.

  16. Miami, White plastic Palm-Trees, Marble, Brass, Neon Lights, Day Glow colors and Kenny Loggins.
    Basically 1980's in a nutshell.

  17. well I was too young when the first top gun movie came out I was wondering if the new top gun movie will give the same feelings as the 1986 one.

  18. I thought this was a woman singing the first time I heard it

  19. Fun Fact James Bobo Fay From Finding Bigfoot Tv Series is the tall guy in the yellow shirt !

  20. Who’s here after there wasn’t nearly enough 80s music in the new top gun?

  21. Must listen that when play beach volleyball

  22. They should have put beach volleyball scenes from the movie Tup Gun, where this song marked the most!!

  23. How did we let ourselves go? Remember when physical fitness was cool? Wow how times have changed.

  24. Reminds me of the 1st Top Gun movie scene playing beach volleyball.

  25. Not sure which music video I prefer 🤔
    Beach Volleyball or Indoor Volleyball

  26. Awesome song! I remember the first time I heard "Playing With the Boys" was from the movie "Top Gun" back in 1986. I loved the song then and I still love this song.

  27. So in Top Gun they played this in the volleyball scene and in the music video they're playing volleyball.
    So was this song written for Top Gun or had he made it before?

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