Kenny Chesney - The Boys of Fall -

Kenny Chesney – The Boys of Fall

Bud Bruening
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  1. I cry everytime I see this. I miss my sons.

  2. Crosstown rivalry game, the whole town always showed up, I was the punter. A small role but still mattered, we were down 1 score and came back on the winning drive after a roughing the kicker penalty. It was actually against the team in this video in red jerseys (Naperville central) I’ll never forget it. Miss those days.

  3. Every time I’m about to go on the field or go into a wrestling match I always have to watch this

  4. You only get one chance to play football so make happen when you can

  5. The high school football competition in the Bay Area was challenging and fun, but I always kind of wanted the experience of playing in that small town environment (like in the movie Friday Night Lights).

  6. Dam I have one year 10 more games and then it’s over

  7. R.I.P Coach Madden😇. Greatest Play by Play guy in the business. God Bless, you will be missed.

  8. My son played highschool football. We never missed a game. This song brings back so many memories of when he played!!

  9. Dedicated to the Georgia Bulldogs!

  10. It’s been 11 years since I’ve suited up. Now I’m married with 2 boys. Im so excited for them to get the same feelings I got when I played

  11. Thank you Sean p for making new orleans a pillar in in the NFL we used to be the ain'ts now we're the Saints

  12. I still have dreams about playing football there is so much I would have done differently if I could do it all over again

  13. Somebody help me out, who's #34 in New England Patriots?

  14. Reminds me of being a kid and playing football with my buddies I won't ever see again….

  15. 12 years ago I laced the them up one last night. I’d give it all to do it just one more time with my brothers. You never lose the drive.

  16. I remember my coach made me and my youth football team watch this before every playoff game. Back then it didn’t mean much to us, we were still kids. I’m in my senior year and now it’s hitting me emotionally. This song with hold a special place in my heart ❤️

  17. Can not believe that one of the greatest coaches Bobby Bowden is not in this video what a disgrace sham on Kenny Chesney

  18. What I wouldn’t do to hit the field again. Some of my best memories are from highschool and junior football games and even practices

  19. I miss the great memories of football 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈

  20. 4 years ago was my last Friday night. I'd give absolutely anything for one more night with my best friends, my brothers, under the lights on the field. Time has gone in the blink of an eye, and only keeps getting further from those hallowed halls and unforgettable days. Cherish what you have, it'll be gone by before you're ready.

  21. I wish and still pray I had that talk from my dad. It would have everything different for my life. O had no love and support.

  22. I'm in Celina but I. Live in Sherman Texas I love Sherman Texas so much and Celina both towns are,AMAZING! I know Celina I've seen them play before.

  23. This song was played every year at the last home football game and seniors would walk the field together ❤

  24. Football sucks jocks were always ass holes in school. Thought they were really something

  25. You young guys playing now, enjoy & treasure every damn second of it. Weather its conditioning, practices or games, because you are going to miss all of it when its gone. I played my last down 37 years ago & I would give anything to be able to play one more game.

  26. How many national championships played how many crystal trophys how many died for those trophys rings or fan gear how many men women children how many countries does america have how .any lives do people have how many families sons daughters moms dads aunts unclea nieces nephews friends or family how many work and fight amd sacrifice by there on brows and backs how many fight or risk there lives or time for others or how many play games how many take manupliate bully bend or break anyone know the difference between real or fake or how many following commands or orders how many running for boarders

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