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Just a NORMAL Minecraft Elevator! (NOT NORMAL!)

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Aphmau and friends find a mysterious elevator on the server!
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  1. Game for an elevator for everyone on earth now serve

  2. i love how that she takes her time to make this for us

  3. I liked the space one it was very nice

  4. Is aph gonna die? That’s illegal in Minecraft

  5. do more normal elevator i love it sooo much :]

  6. My sister play normal elevator.
    And it's fun.

  7. i laughed until i loose brreate the part that aphmau pet endless kitties

  8. hi aphmau I'm a big fan of you😊

  9. What I watch from lady Shuki and aphmaus old vids they upload it what's happening?
    Who's your grandma

  10. Omg love it, I can't wait to see your next amazing video aphmau, and love your work,

  11. Roblox vs Minecraft? Who will win comment roblox or Minecraft who's the most like roblox or Minecraft 😕

  12. Omg it would be so funny if Mario was actually the evil one and turned around slowly like the among us did 😱😭😂🤣✨

  13. Roblox/Minecraft:NOT normal elevator
    Real life:normal elevator

  14. I have begun watching your videos, I see the outfits got an update

  15. Jess you rock keep it up (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

  16. My childhood internet time had two things: roblox the normal elevator, and aphmau. They finally combined YUSSS 😍😍😍

  17. This reminds me about Roblox the normal scary elevator with saying ;jail it’s 😆 funny

  18. you should include max in more videos she hasn’t been in them for a while now and max is pretty cool to me so pls bring her in more videos :[

  19. Ahhh a beautiful Gam and very gentle…………AMONG US heavy voice hehehehehe killll

  20. This video makes me laugh so much I love aphs videos🤣

  21. Ur so funny when you said there's gravity in space irl there's no gravity in space

  22. That was not sideways eight that was a infinity symbol!

  23. On floor z I heard zane when it was dark sus 🌑

  24. At 12:38 she screamd so hard now my ears dont work anymore😂😂😭😭

  25. Same ein Me and the boy(Hanako Kun) in my favorite anime wanted to go to space i wanted to be an astronaut btw my favorite anime is Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

  26. One hello there aphmau is good to see you aphmau i will find the phone book the phone number i know you live in texas aphmau hahahahaha 😈 so goodbye aphmau hahahahaha goodbye

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