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Just A Boys’ Game Part 1

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‘Young team ya Bas!’


  1. this film is set in ma hame toon greenock and its set up eh port tae.

  2. Where was the Voyager bar and is it still there?

  3. @thestevo36 This was filmed in Greenock. I was an extra in this play 🙂

  4. a horrible brillient film. peter mc dougall knows the story

  5. @spenny24950361 It was in Burns Square and was burnewd down shortly after filming. INteriors though were done at the bar near thre footie ground, can't mind the name off hand!

  6. fun n games in fuckin greenock "
    young team ya bass"

  7. Jake McQuillan: McAfferty! Your tea's oot.
    McAfferty: Come ahead, McQuillan.

  8. Life changing television! Thanks for posting these.

  9. @blueparrot989

    Odd that !!!

    My old VCR must have had a built in time machine or been very slow at picking up tv signals when I recorded it in 1994 from BBC 2… 😉

    Just A Boys Game and That Sinking Feeling just two of the greatest things Scotland gave to the world…

    Just wish someone would make some more of these type of plays/ films instead of the American crap we get these days… 🙂

  10. @blueparrot989

    Strange thing is I recorded it from TV in 94 and just over a week ago discovered the tape in an old box in the loft but it was ruined by dampness…

    Then I found the DVD on Play.com which just arrived yesterday (Saturday) and last night for the first time in years I managed to watch it in all it's glory on my big TV… 🙂

    Now I'm awaiting the "That Sinking Feeling" DVD arriving so I can restore the original soundtrack to it and watch that too as it should have been… 🙂

  11. Frankie Miller…." class " by the bucket load….. Peter Mcdougall = genius

  12. Brilliant upload guys thanx very much, takes me back.

    "carry oot bag" LOL

  13. just like a Friday night in the Motherwell Miners Welfare !!!!! "Haw McCafferty, your tea's oot"

  14. The band playing is the Cuban Heels….. deffo not Jim Kerr

  15. its a great film we have had a bootleg copy for years got it from some guy in heart hill but once the dvd come out i got that its just amazing

  16. half true was only shown once but its been re shown in the early 90s on ch 4

  17. was you the old woman who was alfy no weel in the close a the flats lol?

  18. Yup… it's pure dead magic so it is… 🙂

    I've now got the only copy in existence of "That Sinking Feeling" too on DVD with the original soundtrack and by that I mean full DVD quality not a VHS copy…

    Took me a week of solid work to restore the original Glaswegian soundtrack and get rid of the "hoity toity Embra wan" they mucked up the DVD release with… 🙂

  19. sounds great iv seen a VHS copy on ebay will this have the original sound track? or sell me a copy i am in bathgate !!!

  20. The VHS video has the original soundtrack but the DVD is dubbed with posh accents for the American market that ruined the movie and they withdrew the DVD from sale because of the complaints…

    I've sent a message to you explaining it all… 🙂

  21. subtitles? i'm American and after 6:50 i didn't understand a word they said
    all i heard was "lager" and "hoose" for house

  22. 'The drinks goat a grip o me.I,m gonnae surrender tae it'………….spoken like a true bladder heid!!!Scotland Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. This is great. I love watching this.
    Its probably one of the most realistic films about Scotland.
    Frankie Miller is a legend.

  24. Frankie Miller's anti acting performance is really something else. Good film though.

  25. Brilliant play, filmed completely on location in Greenock/Port Glasgow, originally screened 8th November 1979, if you're from Glasgow or that area it's something you can instantly identify with, it feels quite special to be because of that, not only that but I was exactly 2 months old when it first aired! It's a window on what Glasgow was like around that time!

  26. Innkeeper GAZ a mother who're this WANs dead. Lol

  27. The voyager pub in this is the Argo centre halgreen ave Drumchapel where I grew up

  28. the voyager in the film is theone in larkfield Greenock,,

  29. This was a very realistic depiction of bars on Friday nights in deprived areas of Scotland, especially places like Greenock and even Stranraer, where I grew up.

  30. McCafferty your teas oot……………Come ahead Mcquilain

  31. 2 bob oot a 2 quid whit is this….a ski resort fucking brilliant

  32. Anything Ken Hutchison is in I'll watch! I've had a thing for this guy since Straw Dogs,1971!
    Having lived in Oban for several years,I learned how to understand their deep Scottish accent. I may be Yank,but I'm one who listens.

  33. Thank god the Cuban Heels were there to civilise those brutes.

  34. These TV dramas were extraordinarily gritty and authentic in comparison with the generally mediocre stuff that's screened today. Good to see Gregor Fisher in a supporting role

  35. Whenever I feel overcharged for a drink… I use the ski resort line 👍

  36. Clarity Belka is your stereotype Wummin Scottish Jakey😀

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