Jensen Ackles REFUSED to film this scene for The Boys #shorts -

Jensen Ackles REFUSED to film this scene for The Boys #shorts

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This scene in The Boys season 3 was too much for Jensen Ackles, so he refused to film it!


  1. Im disappeared because if your going to play a character you need to play that character no matter your beliefs. Bat the same time i love that guy so he can do whatever he wants😭😭

  2. I bet you it was him and his sidekick bc it was so heavily implied he SA'd him over the years

  3. Of all the things he did do, it really makes me question where the line is

  4. He prob was suposed to be physical with the Legends house keepers… Maybe.

  5. "Um… no. I won’t do that."

    "Oh, good, we crossed the line. That’s what we wanted to find."

  6. Why i feel like the scene was him doing blow fucking prositutes

  7. Wasnt it the cocaine fucking scene that was cut?

  8. He earned my respect in the series and in real life

  9. Its either a grape sceen or what gunpowder told us about

  10. Let's just say Jensen was right for the role. Idk never picked anyone different. Just like Pedro with Joel. It was there part!

  11. Wow. What a nothing video. Tells us nothing that watching the interview by itself would've told us.

  12. I love the part when he tells us what it is

  13. He's stood jerking off to 2 old women who are rubbing there saggy pussys.

    I'm curious yet terrified to see what he said no too

  14. What more can be extreme then getting head by a octopus

  15. Wait till starlight makes hugey go down on her during her period 😢

  16. Great work on completely omitting what the scene he refused actually was!

  17. “That’s not acceptable behaviour”
    Soldier boy enters the tom.
    Our favorite Boomer!

  18. Probably killing his grandson or hitting a woman (bystander). Or maybe just a degradation thing

  19. and not a single clue what the scene actually was…
    wasted content

  20. If jensen wants to say no, jensen CAN say no! He's ascended to Ryan Reynolds level of man crush lol

  21. Nothing could have been worse than having to drink Milk and Coca Cola mixed💀

  22. Apparently the scene was getting plastic surgery to completely ruin his face! 😮
    At least Erin took the job! 😂

  23. Refused? Can I just take this time to remind these 'self respecting human beings' that they are actors being paid a ridiculous sum of money. Sir you will act whatever I tell you to act or you can go back to that Hollywood cesspit you call home

  24. Anyone know what the scene was and what is was changed too???

  25. Jensen Ackles should play Batman in the new DCU I mean he has the experience

  26. They wanted him to do a scene with Soldier Boy making Gun Powder give him oral

  27. I think it’s because I forgot her name the blond one fantasised about soldier boy so I guess they would f*?

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