Iowa holds off UConn in final seconds after late foul, heads up play by Caitlin Clark -

Iowa holds off UConn in final seconds after late foul, heads up play by Caitlin Clark

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With UConn down a point and with possession, Aaliyah Edwards is called for an offensive foul while setting a screen. Caitlin Clark then misses a free throw with 3.5 seconds left, but Iowa is able to get the offensive rebounds. Clark then burns more clock by inbounding the ball off of Paige Bueckers before icing the game with another inbound to beat UConn, 71-69.

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  1. Glad to see Iowa has outstanding theater classes.

  2. I see a lot of black basketball players calling this call bs. Fact is they hate Clark because she's white. Was a good call.

  3. Even without the foul, PB UConn 5 was gonna have to throw up a very (contested) difficult shot.

  4. Absolutely right call. She moving and extending her arms

  5. I would iike to better understand what is meant by the refs shouldn't make that call. Is that because it wasn't a foul? Is it because it inserts the res into the game at a moment of high drama? Should fouls not be called in the closing moments of a game? What does that look like? It was a moving screen. That is a foul.

  6. I like how the announcer says "She barely leaned into her. As they are showing the replay and then she says "Ohhhh" but doesn't even bother correcting herself and calling it the foul that it was.If you don't call it and she sinks that now wide open shot and Iowa loses the game that would be the result of a no call. Correct call

  7. Caitlin Clark & team are the BEST!!!!!!

  8. Caitlin Clark is the reason I started watching Women's basketball

  9. This is a better angle than I'd seen previously, it kind of highlights how much ground she covered to deliver the hit – the real problem was doing that against a much smaller player, where it was noticeable. What stinks is that that kind of physical play is routinely overlooked in the women's game, which is way rougher than men's, and picks like that are commonplace. Worse, it wasnt necessary – Bueckers had her woman beat. A shame, all around, but I put it on the refs – ft disparity was nuts, Uconn got called for double the fouls, that lousy call. I wanted Iowa to win, but hard to escape the sensation that the fix was in.

  10. There is nothing to c here. That is clearly an illegal screen. No debate. She should have been more careful with the game on the line.

  11. I don't know why all the no brain folks out there are screaming NO FOUL. she clearly leaned into it and pushed her elbow out into her. No LeBron the screen was not set you moron. Foul was properly called; IOWA advances.

  12. She literally moves both feet to get in her way lol

  13. This happens on a lot of plays throughout any basketball game at every level. Bold to call that at this point in the game.

  14. I've seen NFL tight ends that didn't throw blocks this good……

  15. Sure looks rigged to me!!!! I could care less about womens basketball but i heard about this horrible, game on the line call!
    Icant believe people still believe sports are real. Im embarrassed for them!

  16. This game was very fraudulent…….They were trying to get Caitlyn Clark a free title. Ultimately, it didn't work………Jill Biden is probably heart broken.

  17. It was simply a blocking foul. It was not a legitimate pick called a foul incorrectly. You have to be a UConn zombie not to see the foul.

  18. Too bad the refs made such a bad call. Girls from UConn deserve a better job. Iowa girl plowed through pick and her acting convinced the ref of something he didn’t see. Sounds like msnbc news

  19. Someone used the word EGREGIOUS to describe that foul…lol. Sports are wack.

  20. As much as i hate to say it, it was the right call. Aaliya did move right into her. Tough call to make at that juncture but you have to admit, it was the right call. Still glade south carolina washed IOWA

  21. That screen was clean someone had a lot of money on this game

  22. good call, when you makes a block then be still after set the block but you moved while blocking then you got fouled, enough said.

  23. It should have been UConn and Carolina in the Championship

  24. It’s a correct call. I do hate calling an off-ball illegal screen in this moment though. But hey, you also shouldn’t be setting an illegal off ball screen in that moment.

  25. If it wasn't for that BAD call the situation might be a little Different & thats what the Ref's had been doing for Iowa, & the same F'd up calls were happening in the SC game, but those SC girls held their Composure & WON the Championship.
    So even though this Video is being shown,
    its no longer relevant.

  26. The fact they called that when there was moving screens all game without getting called is crazy

  27. Bullsh!t call… plain and simple (and I couldn't care less which team won)!!

  28. Ignore UConn 3 shoulder and lean in. Look at her LEFT FOOT. At 0:06 she sets the pick and then steps into the path of the opposing player. You can see it again at 0:28.

  29. Never thought I would watch women’s college basketball but here I am.

  30. At first i thougt that was a rigged call but that elbow extend was clearly a foul

  31. She is not stationary, perfect call by the refs.

  32. Definitely a moving screen. Also, left arm from shoulder to elbow goes out away from body to check the defender. No doubt a foul.

  33. Hate to break it to everyone, but that is the epitome of a moving screen, which wouldve illegally taken out a crucial defender on a crucial play. Dont see how its even a close call

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