Incredible Little Boys Dancing - J CREW - Kids Hip Hop Dance Crew 2016 -

Incredible Little Boys Dancing – J CREW – Kids Hip Hop Dance Crew 2016

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MUST WATCH these incredible little boys ages 7-9 breaking, popping, locking and hip hop dancing. J Crew is Jade’s Hip Hop Academy’s youngest competitive dance crew. WATCH THEM EVOLVE!! Find links to 2015 and 2017 at the end of the video Choreographed by Jade Jager Clark.

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  1. i cant even do the floss and i have to do this for school

  2. How long did it take to do it well

  3. The dancing is good and their flexible

  4. These boys will grow up to be real stars. They have the "it" factor and stage presence. All the best guys !

  5. I'm so going to introduce my kids to dancing when they get old enough.


  7. Omg, I`v never seen kids like that, keep on going!!BOYSSS!!!!!!!🤪😀😎😆😜😝

  8. Those incredible Chinese boys extremely oK !
    Where's the🍖and beef ??😑

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  12. Esto es genial. Mi hijo me acaba de decir que quiere aprender a bailar hip hop y estoy emocionada.

  13. Hi, I love this. Would you care to share with me the music track. Thanks

  14. good example for others too learn from, good job homies❤

  15. Teach my kindergarten the moves from 1:15 to 1:20. Pretty simple to include in morning exercise aerobics.

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