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I Played 50 Games of RIFT & Regret ALL My Life Choices

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I played 50 games of the Destiny 2 PvP gametype: RIFT! I’m not sure if I had a better or WORSE time playing 50 games of gambit 😂 Here’s what happened…
(written by Fallout & @Phoenix__Media)
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  1. “The spark gets taken to the enemy team with same day shipping” 😂😂

  2. Wow! I was just lotioning my balls with manscaped ball lotion as the sponsor part started playing!

  3. Holy fuck…I just set up 3 new loadouts/builds in DiM and we're only halfway through the vid!?! XD

  4. Brother, there was a miscommunication on that Twitter comment. It was a genuine question, like, do you like Apple juice, not a dig. Given the nature and context of the post I can see why my comment sounded rude af to you. No hate for you, nothing but love. (Magnumgamez)

  5. "Only 50?" I say to my monitor, knowing damn well i played 6 rift games and said "fuck this shit" and didnt play any more

  6. Don’t worry Fallout I saw your twitter post and I’m here to watch this video on repeat until my phone dies.

  7. Okay, yes, this got Algorythmed for me. I searched your channel for it to watch it. Not cool, YouTube. I like this sort of content.

  8. The fact I didn’t know this video existed till today upsets me dearly. Thanks a lot YouTube algorithm

  9. Rift is still new to those of us who’ve been playing since launch.

  10. The “50 Games Of” is hands down your best work. Not only does it highlight how fucked up / neglected the core playlists in Destiny have become, but seeing this amount of destruction of your soul is just so entertaining 😂

  11. Bruh…. FUCKINGG LOLL at the riptide loose joke😂

  12. Cane herre from your Twitter post, wanted you to knwo this is a great video and the phenomenal work is not going unoticed brother <3

  13. Doing the lord's work again. Bless you, Fallout!

  14. Suggestion: 50 games of Hunt: Showdown

  15. Now that its F2P, you should do 50 games in Overwatch 2

  16. Cool and entertaining video, but for me, it's not very interesting. Anyway watched till the end. Thanks for content.

  17. Just realized it took fallout a whole season to make this whole vid

  18. I know this video isn't doing as well numbers wise as you hoped, but I really enjoy these videos from you and think your commentary and humor was awesome in this one! Don't get discouraged by all the external variables and keep making content you enjoy!

  19. 50 high tier wellspring runs through LFG

  20. 50 games of capture the flag in Titanfall 2!

  21. 50 games of strikes/nightfalls but DIM makes your loadout

  22. 50 games of comp solo q or 50 games of rumble, 50 games of rainbow 6 siege, 50 games of mw2 ground war. Take your pike @Fallout Plays

  23. 50 games of Magic: the Gathering! Bonus points if it's Commander 🙂

  24. Hey hey hey, American football can be as much a boring back and fourth snooze fest as football (SoCcEr [insert spongebob meme]), only that you use the downtime for 20 millions of commercials and you decided that touchdown = 7 points instead of 1

    This message was written by a German football fan

    PS: all fun and games here, everybody enjoy your sports✌

  25. i regret my life choices after ONE game of pvp.
    i dont need a pinnacle drop bad enough to deal with silly pvp nonsense 😎
    pve is the way.

  26. 5 games of hearthstone battlegrounds. You will lose your mind more than you ever have playing destiny

  27. Love the video, always keep up the great work, hmm possibly 50 games of MW2? That would be interesting, maybe 50 matches in comp Pokémon ? That would be crazy.

  28. What about 50 games of competitive rocket league?

  29. Since you claim soccer is a boring sport, how bout adding cars to the mix for a 50 games of Rocket League?

  30. I'm here to up the engagement. If you like the video, then like the video! insert Star Wars I'm doing my part meme

  31. I would like to see 50 Solo Lightblade GM's clears 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  32. I can tell you had fun making this. Loved the “shots!” every Riptide. I hope the video performs better! (Saw the tweet)

  33. Nobody gives AF about rift. Why did you do this? It looks desperate, … *It IS desperate

  34. Survive no man sky for 50 days on permadeath.

  35. i'm gonna need source for Sunbro girl at 7:39
    it's for research purposes.

  36. Thank you for playing 50 games of that crap mode so I don't have to lol

  37. You should do 50 games of Hood: Outlaws and Legends that would be amazing to see

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