I LOCKED THE BOYS IN PRISON FOR 24 HOURS!! - playknightdefender.com


Alexa Rivera
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If you see this, comment if you could last 24 hours in a cell with me as the guard! Love you guys 🙂


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  2. Andrew is so funny he said help me guys help me

  3. Jeremy be like: I have a police hat

  4. Jeremy it is time for revenge what Lexi did to you

  5. I love ur guys vids so much pls can you say hi❤

  6. . should’ve put them in jail with them bandit jail with them dead.

  7. Alexa Jeremy said I'm getting revenge on the comments whatch out

  8. Andrew with the bandana on his neck was 🔥🔥. This man looks good even in jail😭😭

  9. The only reason that Andrew would be going to jail is because of stealing Lexi heart❤😂

  10. Is that real jail? I’ve got no idea what you’re doing because I feel like that’s American jail is it?

  11. Lexi and Andrew are like so adorable together😮

  12. Pay back from loking the girls in jail for 24 hours

  13. It was so cute when Andrew's phone call was to Lexi!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  14. Lexi is beafule that the boys asked for date

  15. I love how Andrew is the one to carry her❤

  16. I like how Andrew had one phone call and he called Lexi. Who else ships Landrew ✋

  17. Bro you’re laughing that means you’re prancing them😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂

  18. Why are you calling lexi if she is the police officer

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