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I Dropped a Diss Track On my Friends

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We write diss tracks on my friends!
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• Video Editor ► Russell

• Thumbnail Maker ► Flash

• Animator ► David

​​• Music by Ninety9 ► LivesTobu – Such Fun
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  1. Chose has one O why can he not realize that

  2. All I'm going to say is that Gary's last line vs Kate was the meanest line of the game

  3. This is genuinely the funniest video I’ve watched in a looong time😭😂

  4. you said if you ride bike then like i did what you said

  5. ssundee when you were going against zud for amazed you should have put "you look at me so amazed but for you your head is dazed

  6. I have a good diss its I was spiting formulas while you were spitting formula

  7. i feel so bad for zud, but oh my god ssundee that was best thing i have ever heard, i laughed so hard, that should be put on a try not to laugh challenge

  8. Kate’s last verse was a bit to brute force

  9. 17:35 Henwy: kneek weas
    Subtitles: hi class today we’re taking a KNEE QUIZ

  10. Dude, imagine how bad ssundee’s rap would be when he lost his voice for that one amoung us mod.

  11. Me and my friend will send you a among us comic when we’re finished after we find your address ssundee

  12. The background of the rap battle reminds me of deltarune chapter 2 final boss

  13. Ssundee I have got one for u ready OK (ssundee ur toxic and also a sweat and Nico ur the same so its all a bet and sigles u just a sigibigi and biffile ur a bifflewiffile bat and Garry….. ur a bald manthat that Cry's allot) ssundee rate it form 1-10

  14. instead of that last bar, he should have said, "your mom been a treat, ill let her have some fun on my meat"

  15. I want to see a another video of ssundee making fun of garry


  17. Im sorry lan but i think the 2nd round of garry was the best of theme all

  18. Did Zud say Neek weas 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤩

  19. i half expected his roasts to be about feet.
    idk why XD

  20. 10:24 You can tell in Garry’s voice that something happened with him and Helloiamk8

  21. Respect Ssundee that get 100% on all rounds Ssundee is the rapper

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