How to get New VALK for FREE -

How to get New VALK for FREE

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this took me 6 minutes to get all the items in total

get the items HERE:

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  1. Tysm i love it i kinda want to change my channel

  2. Thx bro! You help alot roblox remove the game after i got all the items thx super much! TECHNOBLADE NEVER DIES 👍👍👍👍👍

  3. no you dident pic flamgo i dont care about my spelling you suck for this

  4. Love the vid bro this helped alot btw what is the song in the background

  5. Why do i dont have the vote games thinggy its shows nothing

  6. it took me 8 minutes, + getting the valk = 20 minutes

  7. 🤣🤣🤣then the next day, everyone finna change it bc everyone avatar finna be lookin the same

  8. the voting thing not working for me

  9. If u want the valk thing i recommend u to get a priv server cuz u might get pushed by other players

  10. No bc I need someone to get the Valk for me I suck at that 😕

  11. my voting menu are bugged so i cannot get one of the item / ugc sadly

  12. Roblox innovation a2ards v9ting hub 8s cring3.

  13. anyone help me get the valk please
    Username :Understand_me9

  14. Bruh i cant vote cuz i dont see the pictures

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