How Pep Guardiola Uses Ball Boys -

How Pep Guardiola Uses Ball Boys

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When Manchester City faced Atletico Madrid in the Champions League Pep Guardiola had a plan to stop Atleti’s time-wasting and dark-arts tactics.

He needed help from the ball boys.

What did they do? What was Guardiola’s plan? Did it work?

Written by Sam Lee, illustrated by Marco Bevilacqua.

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  1. not sure what I was expecting when I read that title

  2. Pep has to use ball boys because the emptyhad has no fans

  3. thank God Pep doesn't coach Young Boys, 😊that title would be weird.

  4. Tifo how is this remotely revolutionary or even worth making a video about. They literally are just delaying the game if they're winning, as anyone would

  5. Pep been doing it since his Barca and more obviously in Bayern Munich. Especially if Bayern were a goal down in a match, the Ball Boys would give the ball to their GK very quickly. It's a different approached from Ball boys try to delay the opposite team nonetheless.

  6. Unlike Chelsea he's playing every aspect of football. Spanish clubs are nasty

  7. They don’t call city ,peado fc for no reason lol

  8. Why does Athletico Madrid need to waste time even without a lead also ?

    It's crazy that they are anti football even without a lead.

  9. But why would he instruct the ball boys to recover the ball quicker if city were leading the scoreline?
    Shouldn't they waste time?

  10. There’s a great joke to be told here guys…

  11. the wording of the title and the sponsor doesnt help anyone

  12. How he uses small boys for his football pleasures.

  13. Fascinating insight into game management and the detail. Our cloggers at United are clueless. Never thought I'd say it but city and pep are in a league of two with the bloody scousers. Come back Olé

  14. How does it matter if you give a new ball everytime

  15. Pep giving Simeone a taste of his own medicine is the best thing I have seen in years. Simeone deserved this after all these years of shithousery .

  16. A few years ago in Brazil, the ball boys of Internacional-RS would position the ball for the corner kicks. They were instructed to position the ball in the exact point the kicker liked it. The team even scored a goal in a fast play and celebrated WITH the ball boy!

  17. I find it a bit hypocritical by Pep when he says he never judges another teams style of play but in the premier league when a team sit back and play counter attacking football he complains and says this isn’t the way football should be played. Which completely contradicts what he’s said in this video.🤦‍♂️

  18. Football needs to take a rugby approach to the ball going out of play and for stoppages, by which the clock is stopped.

  19. I'm Wondering what was his answer for 3-1 defeats against Inter Milan back then in 09/10 season..

    I heard so many Barca fanboys called 'Inter play ugly' or 'Negative Football'..

  20. Interpol : reads video title.
    Also Interpol : Guess Prison FC's getting a new manager.

  21. Oh great, another EPL-related video again 🗿 Tifo is one of the oldest Youtube channel with football as the main topic, and I respect that.

    Yet, after all these years, I still feel that it's quite ironic to see that "Our videos provide analysis on the Premiere League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, World Cup and more " statement on the channel's bio since over 50% of their contents are solely talking about Premiere League.

    I know that this channel is based on UK. But come on, your channel's now pretty much the one of the biggest football analysis channel out here. You should have changed that pattern already, like, since 2018.

    To mention one, I think topics related to Serie A is the least used as a content in this channel. Even when there's so many things that they can think of to make contents about that particular league considering how far off the Italian football league's quality has fallen since their last time to be that fearsome in the early 2000s.

    I'm aware that there are two videos related to Serie A a few weeks ago (Pirlo and Kaka), and another two videos roughly 2 months ago. But the ratio gap between other leagues (especially EPL), is just too large.

    In 2021 alone, their videos that directly and explicitly talks about Serie A clubs (not focusing on the players instead), are just merely seven videos.

    Namely, "Sensible Transfers: Juventus", "Why you should be watching Napoli", "Why Are Americans Buying Italian Football Clubs?", "Sensible Transfers: Juventus – Central Midfield [Summer 2021], "Sensible Transfers: Jose Mourinho's AS Roma – Centre Forward [Summer 2021]", "Tactics Explained: Roma", and "What's going wrong at Juventus?".

    Even as a Juventino myself, I'd love to see other Serie A clubs getting mentioned just as often.

    It's quite funny to see middle to bottom table EPL clubs like Newcastle, Leeds are getting more exposure than other league's top 6 teams 💀

  22. Everyoneeee does it…but when Guardiola does it, its genius??? Shut up tifo 🤣🤣

  23. He did this at Barcelona too. In general the better team wants fast restarts.

  24. What a nonce. Leave the young ball boys alone

  25. i would have gone with pep guardiola, at least he brought a ball boy style of play

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