How Girls vs Boys Play In ROBLOX VR #shorts #roblox -

How Girls vs Boys Play In ROBLOX VR #shorts #roblox

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TheOdd_Dev #shorts

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  1. tbh all girls is women now 😉 so doggie don't be mad

  2. Bro is trying to start a war over a gender playing a game-

  3. Руский ком для руских токо они поймут

  4. Exactly why girls don’t like you and also AINT NO ONE GONNA SUB TO YOU WHEN UR TRYING TO START A WAR.

  5. Thats why I need a boy that has vr headset and plays roblox

  6. At that moment, I was not the girl in front of me and all the girls became like men.

  7. What this dis ?
    Where is the name of game😮?

  8. Bro is starting war over a how a gender plays 💀✋

  9. I think someone once picked me up, idk anymore..

  10. Dawgs saying boys only do distributive stuff and girls only be helping people 💀

  11. ?… I don't have VR, I can't verify it, but I can break your face (no Hate)

  12. 1988: Girls and boys will be friends at 2023!
    2023: Gender wars.

  13. Girls pov: so you think we are weak? And girly huh?
    Tv woman pov: 🤏😎 🤏🕶🤨

  14. i'd do the same as boys even though i'm a girl.

  15. That aint girls, those are ppl with OCD

  16. No wonder this guy doesn’t have a girlfriend-

  17. Bro honestly as a girl i would be pulling the middle finger on everyone knowing that I Wally’s most likely get banned 😂😂

  18. why doesnt anyone like me 😢 His videos:

  19. Girls are strong not all girls are like other normal girls

  20. The funny thing is I’ve seen more girls do the (boy)

  21. The boy one is what he did to his roblox girlfriend after he broke up with him

  22. Прикольно

  23. Not the weight of the girls, such as shown in the video, and the boys may not be like that either;

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