How Girls vs Boys play Hogwarts! #shorts -

How Girls vs Boys play Hogwarts! #shorts

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  1. Broooooooo nooooo wat that cat ever do to u 😢😢😢

  2. Me every time: okay so I need to go to Herb- CAT!!!
    I then spend 20 minutes hunting every cat to pet it

  3. They say psychotic behavior starts with harming animals Sooo….But funny to watch

  4. As a guy I would never do that…. I might still make him levitate tho

  5. What the heck lol 😂 poor cat . I waited so long for this to be out now thinking about getting it this spring and summer but it will be hard to choose because the sims 4 jewelry creations pack will be put and they did not tell you how much is it yet . I’m curious what is the cursed powers lol am I stupid enough to use it lol 😂

  6. I have a theory that the special child of powers you will be in the game might be connected with Merlin , Harry Potter and more . That’s what I am thinking 🤔

  7. Boys are stupid as always girls are better . Why guys do this all the time for games like this think it’s cute and funny because sometimes I feel like they will do that to animals on real life because that happens in real life .

  8. I hate it when I use animals as test subjects it’s just so addicting 😊

  9. Ngl this looks like one the most boring games ever

  10. I mean they litterally added a trophy for using flippendo on cows so what did you expect ?

  11. This is not a girls vs. boys thing but a normal human being vs. sozio- and psychopath thing.

  12. I did this with the other animals lol. I just pet the cats

  13. Yeah boys, not a man lol that's why he looks like a b17ch

  14. as a man i have more empathy for cats/dogs other animals than i have for other people

  15. girls: oh no I'm sorry
    boys: wingardium leviosa
    man: avada kedavra

  16. I cannot be the only boy who just pet the cat?!
    I didnt even got the idea of doing something like this :O

  17. Nah I'm a girl and I totally used avada kadavra on the kitty 😂

  18. Vs normal gamers: cute cat. Pat. Then leave

  19. Hey Harry let me fix your glasses
    Aaavada kedavraaa
    Oh shit wrong spell

  20. Даже в игре это слишком жестко, сразу много становится понятно о человеке после такого 😕

  21. And there is me a girl who did k*ll the cat and another.I just wanted to know if I could just use Avada Kedavra like that.What can I say, I'm just a curious ravenclaw

  22. the fact that either of them would even TRY casting on the cats baffles me. I know they're fake but shit man


  24. I really thought he was going to say Winguardium Fuckyourmother

  25. I didn't even know you can do that .. I just pet the cats T.T

  26. Wt….?!?!?! Poor cats!! Why?!?! With people is better…..😂😂

  27. Nahhh I would never! Never even thought of using spells on them. Same for Baldurs gate 3. The squirrel is fine and scratch ain't going nowhere. Even on an evil play through I'll protect them

  28. No that's not how boys play. That's how assholes play

  29. If you attack the cats your a horrible person

  30. Ok gendering reactions is problematic and dumb cuz there are girls that have opposite reactions and boys that have your reaction.


    That's for attacking the cat you witch😤

  32. One screams to the point of eardrum rupture, the other is just monotone normal.

  33. Alternatively, girls like me who ignore all the cats and move on.

  34. meanwhile the "non-binary" individuals:
    – "Avadra Kevadraaaaaa"

  35. "Oh noooo!"

    Me: miss miss miss Fuck it! AVADA KADAVRA!

  36. The first thing I did to a cat: Levioso, Depulso! Sending the cat flying

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