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HORROR GAME OF THE YEAR | The Callisto Protocol

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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. Be respectful. We are a community. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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  1. Anyone else notice how much longer his vids are? It’s amazing but weird.

  2. i really want to see more of this prob not tho

  3. cory the weakness of the zombies is in the legs and if you shoot the legs off they die

  4. Man is gonna be buff by the time he done with this game

  5. "Is that kimiko from the boys?" -cory 2022

  6. Not Cory having to phone a famous friend for the settings


  8. Boy eating boiled eggs with no hot sauce come on now.

  9. i had only 1 favorite part which was that cory had a piece of eggs near his lip for a very long time starting from 6:57 till 24:53

  10. Bro, I can only do 20 pushups at most and you can do 50 pushups😅

  11. your face in the thumbnail of this is a perfect "POG" to the point were I immediately noticed after only seeing it for a second XD

  12. dang bros in shape no hate I just did not expect that bros been hittin the gym

  13. I think that you should do endacopia horror game

  14. “I am the chosen” will never get old 💀

  15. My face when the monster started running at him after the headshot 😮

  16. I can’t wait for his next video of the game after the first one was awesome

  17. Why does Elias sound like that head guy in god of war

  18. That laugh is the beginning is very Vincent Price

  19. Nah tho Cory don't act like Ian been here since 3k cmere boi I'm on you like white on rice and gravy on pork chops

  20. Love your videos cory glad to watch your videos again

  21. This like a dead space and resident evil rip off tbh

  22. the guy that voice acts corporal Saint John is Ferris

  23. I'm convinced that Cory is my bestie LMAO. Like he talks to us so easily as if we known eachother for years

  24. Will you be playing the dead space remaster when it comes out

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